4ft Fingers (Four Feet Fingers) Albums

  • A Cause For Concern Album (5/18/2004)
    Head Held High
    Only Time Will Tell
    Back On The Wagon Again
    Unite Or Fall
    Gone But Not Forgotten
    Side By Side
    One For All And All For Me
    Stand My Ground
    Irish Eyes
    40 Years Of Misery
    Hollow Words
    A Life We Choose To Live

  • From Hero to Zero Album (4/16/2002)
    Proud to Know You
    Burn the Bridges
    Bright Side
    Walk Away
    All Down Hill from Here
    One Way
    Last Man Standing
    Emergency Manoeuvre
    Doubt It
    Eye for an Eye
    Carpe Diem

  • At your Convenience Album (4/16/2001)
    One For The Road
    Slowly Sinking
    Killing Time
    Coffee Grinder
    My Song
    Hopeless Romantic
    Learn To Survive
    Broken Bones
    Sense Of Direction
    Goodbye, Good Luck

  • Hows My Driving? [EP] Album (4/16/1999)
    Doubt It
    Hopeless Romantic
    All about
    In My Shoes
    Hit Me?
    Working Hero

  • Holy Shit [EP] Album (4/16/1999)

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