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4ft Fingers (Four Feet Fingers) Biography

Last updated: 06/20/2005

The band formed under the name of subterfudge in '96 whilst in the final year at school, then aged 16. Rob (Lead guitar), Tom (Rhythm guitar) and Andy (Now ex-bassist) got together at the weekends, stocked up with beer and pissed around jamming. They decided to form a band, with a drummer who later joined called Si. They played at local venues, pubs etc. Tom got restless after a while and left, leaving Rob, Andy and Si as a three piece. Then as time went on Si became restless and left to join another band as a drummer leaving them short. They went trough several stand-in drummers until they found one to their liking.

After a short time, Rob got talking to Dave (drummer) who at the time played guitar for the band Si left to join. Turned out Dave actually preferred drumming and joined Subterfudge as drummer. They started to record an E.P, 'The real deal with my burger meal?' during this time Tom rejoined the band, making the line up Rob, Tom, Andy, Dave.

They played with this line up for a while, even introducing a few brass players along the way for several gigs and recordings (Beth - Saxophone, Lex - Trumpet). Several name changes were made along the way and they continued to gig with quite a following gathering.

After the recording of 'How's My Driving?' Andy the bassist left. Kyle (Dougie) - who played the organ on 'Hopeless Romantic' and helped out with the recording of 'How's My Driving?' , joined as a replacement bassist. They gigged about, and later met Darren (manager), who helped them get shit loads of gigs. and from there, requests to bring out an album. They recorded 'At Your Convenience', their debut album - which was released on JAMDOWN records.

They enjoyed a good year and a half with Dougie in the band until september '2001, when Russ joined the band as a replacement, bringing us to the line-up of: Rob, Tom, Dave and Russ. All was going well but as time went on things got weird and Russ and the boys thought it would be better to go there separate ways, so Russ left leaving the guys with no bass player again. Dougie had kept in touch and wasn't really enjoying being back in Ireland so the guys spoke and decided Dougie was needed. Within a week he was back in England.

By this time the guys had had talks with GOLF records and had sorted a deal with them and were due to record an album in one month. From then on up to 30 hours a week were spent practising and writing the new album. "From Hero To Zero" was released on September 9th 2002 and a video was shot for release on music t.v.......thats the story so far, or is it.......???????