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4LYN Biography

Last updated: 11/29/2002 08:44:58 PM

4LYN are Ron "Braz" (v), René "Russo" (g), Björn "Deee" (b) and Sascha "Chino" (d). The alternative chart stormers from Hamburg have known each other for quite some time, some of them since their time together at school, and have been rocking their butts-off for several years now. At the end of 2000, the four lads appeared live before their growing fan community when they toured Germany along with US top sellers Papa Roach; then they recorded their debut album, which duly charted. Indeed the singles "whooo", "bahama mama" and "lyn" became essential tracks for all rock and crossover fans in 2001. The band ended that year with a headliner club tour and the Jack Daniels Rock Nights, along with Thumb & Therapy?

2002 began with the brillant boys from Hamburg committing themselves to the "Laut gegen rechte Gewalt" tour. Soon after that, they went into the PUK Studio in Denmark to record their second LP Album, "neon". The second album demonstrates a far more energetic and rocky sound than the first. Shouter and Rapper Ron in particular performs with a greater intencity and power. During the summer festivals the four perform at Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, the With Full Force Festival, the Hurricane Festival, Roskilde and a number of other open-air gigs. After the end of the Desperados Tour with Dredg and Cosmotron, the catchy single „Pearls & Beauty“ was released in July and paved the way for the release of the album "neon" (Sep 9, 2002, chart entry #27 (D), #33 (A)) and the single "husky" (Sep 30, 2002).
Following the release of the "neon" album, 4LYN toured extensively throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The single "whooo soccer slam", a reinterpretation of 4LYN's first single "whooo", followed in December as result of a successful cooperation with Sega/Infogrames for the console game "sega soccer slam".

2003 began with an extensive retreat into the rehearsal studio where the third LP is currently evolving. Meanwhile, the current album "neon" has already been released in Sweden, the Czech Republic and Holland.

Thanks to Killahchikk for submitting the biography.