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Come see,
I swear, by now, I'm playing time
Against my troubles, oh.
Oh, I'm coming slow,
But speeding.
Do you wish a dance?
And while I'm in the front,
The play on time is won.
Oh, but the difficulty's coming here.
I will go in this way,
And find my own way out.
I won't tell you to be, but it's coming to much more.
Come down, the ghosts come back, reeling in you now.
Oh, what if they come down crushing?
In the way, we used to play,
for all of the lonliness
that nobody notices now.

Oh, begging slow.
I'm coming here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Only waiting.
I wanted to stay.
I wanted to play.
I wanted to love you.
I'm only this far, and only tomorrow leads the way.
I'm coming, waltzing back, and moving into your head.

I wouldn't pass this by,
Oh, I wouldn't take any more than
what sort of man goes by? I will bring water.
Why won't you ever be glad? It melts into wonder.
I came in praying for you.
Why won't you run into rain and pray,
And let it splash all over you?

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Moving Song | Reviewer: JazzyJ | 1/4/12

I started listening to DMB back in 1994 when I was in the 8th grade and I have loved them ever since! I've seen them perform live more times than I can count but this song has always been one of my favorites! I know he wrote it about legal issues, but that's the beauty of how Dave writes! You can take the music and make it about you!

Greatest song ever | Reviewer: Karl | 11/8/11

I have listened to more music at the age of 25 than most people probably ever will, and this song is my #1 of all time. The fact that I don't even understand exactly what he's talking about makes it that much more powerful.
To me it is a love song about a man who wants to give his love to someone, but there is some unknown thing blocking it.
DMB makes emotional connections that rank right up there with the likes of the Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, the Beatles, and dare I say Adele, just to plug a few.

Meaning | Reviewer: Vic | 9/25/11

Actually Dave wrote it while the band was going through legal battles with a former band associate/manager who filed a law suit claiming he deserved part of their profits. It's about his feelings while he was in a legal battle with someone who was once a close friend. I'm sure he would be happy with any way that the listeners interpret it, as long as it means something to them. Great song.

First and all time favorite song | Reviewer: Randy | 8/26/10

This song was the first DMB song I ever heard and I instantly fell in love with this song and the band. My brother and I went to see them first thing that year at the American Airlines Center in Dallas (2003, Busted Stuff Summer Tour) The lyrics are deep and heartfelt. The song actually became the "relationship anthem" for one of my relationships with a girlfriend lol.

Touched | Reviewer: Andre | 5/14/10

I rarely go after lyrics, but this song really touched me...since English is my second language I had a little hard time understanding the lyrics just by him singing. It's one of my favorite songs now for sure. Cheers!

Love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

This is my favorite song in the world. I play this all the time. I sit back close my eyes and I'm in a different place. Sometimes a few tears come out. I love this sing. P.s Carter Beauford is a beast on those drums.

One Powerfull Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/09

I had part of the lyrics tatooed on my forearm in memory of my son i lost at the age of 22 to cancer . This song has so much meaning and power to anyone who knows the true meaning of love any kind of love! Thank Tou Dave.

this song... | Reviewer: Melissa | 7/11/08

This song means the same for me as it does for Indrajit down below. It is simply a love song...and when i listen to it...it reminds me of a special person..the one love that will never leave my heart...

what the song means to you | Reviewer: sarah | 12/5/07

Yes this song is about Ross Hoffman. But it is the most beautiful song b/c you can listen to it and apply it to anything you may feel.

I am a recovering heroin addict and this song has meant more to me in the past 10 years than anything ever will I think.

I don't think | Reviewer: Indrajit Paul | 10/24/07

Is Ros hoffman, the former associate and manager of the band a female? if not so, I can never believe that DM wrote this in relationship to "his" legal dispute with the band ( he must be a complete asshole to think he own anything of the sound produced by those amazingly talented musicians and the heart-touching lyrics written by Dave.

This is clearly a love song all throughout, and even the lyrics clearly say in one place "I wanted to love you..".

I identify this song with the most memorable love affair of my life and feel like this talks about exactly how I feel about the woman I was attracted to.


Lyrics. | Reviewer: Connor Graves | 8/21/07

Well, this is my favorite song in the world, but only to many people make the mistake in the part "I'm only this far, and only tomorrow leads the way" ... they put "my way"... go listen the song, and see him play it live more than a dozen times like me.

"#41" was originally written by Dave Matthews as a reply to lawsuits brought forth by Ross Hoffman, a former associate and manager of the band. Hoffman owned rights to a number of the band's songs in the early 1990s; however, due to creative differences, he was eventually fired by the band, and the band's present manager, Coran Capshaw, was hired. As an owner to the band's songs, Hoffman felt he deserved a share of the profits, which later caused a legal dispute between him and the band. Matthews wrote the song based upon the broken-hearted feelings he was experiencing as he was going through legal disputes with a former mentor of his.

meaning | Reviewer: Garett | 8/7/07

does anyone know the story behind this song? how dave wrote it and the circumstances, its by far the most gorgeous song in the world...i would love to know

This song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/07

I love this song. It means so much for me. I love the way DMB can make the songs not just mean one thing, but make it so u have your own opiouin of the meaning of the song. DMB keep it up and keep making great songs! Thanks for the lyrics.

oh dave | Reviewer: taylorrr | 2/28/07

dave is basically god. and i'm pretty sure he will dump jen and come find me and marry me. but first he will name is new kid taylor, then leave jen and come and find me. and love me foreverrrrr. cause we were just meant to be.

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