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Pack 4 The Ladies Only Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2012 11:00:00 AM

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[Lil B:]
Its For The Ladies
Girl U Know That I Wanted You Forever,Your Sister, Yo Friend, Was Hatin Watever
Wunt A Rap Star U Can Get It, I'm Here
Love It, Rub It, Caress It And Touch It
Textn On My Phone Baby Wut Is Ur M.O
He Go I'm Here Baby This Is C.O
You Should FUCK Wit B Yo, I'm Sick Like I'm Neyo
Signed Lil B P.S I Gota Big Dick

I Swear To God, I Swear To God
That I'm In Love With You
I Been Waitin All My Life
Now I Found Her Baby Its You
I Swear To God, I Swear To God
That I'm In Love With You
I Been Waitin All My Life
Now I Found Her Baby Its You

[Young L:]
Uh Yea...You Feelin This
Its For The Ladies
Young L Dot Smith, Listen, Ay
Baby Girl, This Is Daddys Little World
Young L Dot Smith You Are Daddys Little Girl
Heat It Up, Beat It Up, Speed It Up, Freak
I'll Eat It Up, Ill Bust A Nut And Then Ill Go 2 Sleep
On Some Real Tho
A Year Ago I Woulda Killed Fo
A Girl Like You A Down Bitch
Plus U Real Raw
I Know That, You Would Probly Take A Bullet
Even With Your Co-Workers And Friends
Actin Like You Shouldn't


[Lil Uno:]
My Girl She Somethin Special, Somethin Epic Like In The Movie
Feel Me
Gone Cheer Baby, Walk Over Here
My Girl Like Magic, She Can Make It Dissapear
Hold It Down, She Hold Me Down
Go The Round, She Love To Box
In The Park, Long Walks, Some Cream Like A Dope Spot
I'm A Mommas Boy You Know She Daddys Little Girl
A Down Ass Chick And A Swag Real Cool
Dress Real Different She Can Hold A Conversation
Remind Me Of A Lady So I Told Her Be Patient


[Young Stunna:]
Listen You Could Either Come Or You Could Go But I Promise If You Come It Could Be The Time Of Your Life
Stunna Man, Come On
Infatuation, Thats An Understatement
She Wanna Be A Freak I Got A Pole In The Basement
Ayy, I Put This Pole In Ya Basement
Addiction Come First Then Your Heart Start Racin
Special And I Know It Girl
I Ain't Worried Bout Ya Pearl
Cuz C I Get Alot Of That, Stunna Man I'm Touchin Stacks
Real Nigga, Real Shit, Hop Up In This Spaceship
I Take You To The Stars, While We Puff On This Grape Shit


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