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Lostprophets 4 AM Forever Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2012 02:17:46 PM

Yesterday I lost my closest friend
Yesterday I wanted time to end
I wonder if my heart will ever mend
I just let you slip away

4 AM forever

Maybe I'll never see you smile again
Maybe you thought that it was all pretend;
All these words that I could never say
I just let them slip away

4 AM forever

Why don't you hear me when I'm calling out to you (to you)
Why don't you listen when I try to make it through (to you)
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, you'll never know
Hold a little tighter

4 AM forever

Maybe one day when I can move along
Maybe someday when you can hear this song
You won't let it slip away

4 AM forever

And I'd wish the sun would never come
It's 4 AM and you are done
I hope you know you're letting go
It's 4 AM and I'm alone.

Why don't you hear me when I'm calling out to you (to you)
Why don't you listen when I try to make it through (to you)
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, you never know
Hold a little tighter

Why don't you hear me when I'm calling out to you (to you)
Why don't you listen when I try to make it through (to you)
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, you never know
Hold a little tighter

4 AM forever...

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Love it. | Reviewer: Grace | 9/26/12

This song is so beautiful, and it's also about losing someone that you (probably) cared for. As weird as this sounds, i think of myself when listening to this song. I'm not making some sob-story or anything, but yeah. I think of myself because i was the only one that knew everything about me, i wasn't close to anyone. But one day that changed, and i hate myself because of so many things. I feel as if somewhere along the way, i lost myself: the part of me i liked.

The alchemist | Reviewer: Unuto venom | 4/19/12

Dis song's singin 4 me wen im about 2 lose my only love...........she 's hearin it too n slipping away......
........tanx 4 the song........dis song aint gonna let me 4get her!!!!!!

Brilliant. But seriously, anonymous, your opinion is hurtful and unhelpful. | Reviewer: Smile | 8/18/10

Fabulous song, deep meanings. My friend played this to me to tell me how she felt the day after I tried to top myself.... All is well now :), so to that idiot who thought it'd be a good idea to slag everyone off: try going through sexual abuse, then being abandoned, everyone you love turns against you, you're all alone in the world... You get to the bottom of that bottle, and THEN you still have no right to tell people that theirs feelings are bullshit... Just because you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon doesn't mean everyone else needs to; it creates diversity... What fun would it be if we were all the same?

<3 | Reviewer: Katey | 8/15/10

I really do love this song, it's powerful and means something. It's also given me quite a few new ideas for the story I'm working on! But, looking at some of these reviews, you can't really insult someone because they cried at this song. I mean, c'mon let's face it, it's not the happiest song in the world is it? :/ people are different, and deal with emotion in different ways, so instead of being nasty and start with all the 'emo' crap... Think about what you're saying before you say it

Ogk | Reviewer: padfoot | 6/4/10

i've heard this song on the marauders review on youtube...padfoot and prongs... we have this group called OGK... and we have the marauders codenames as
our own. each character fits our personality. i took padfoot...sirius black as mine... i don't know if i really have similarities to him or i have just adapted my self to the character. i'm bloody loyal. freak.. happy go lucky pinch of intellectual. then moony is the wisest, prongs as prongs, guy with a messed up hair and always go with padfoot. wormtail always violate our gf allowed... our mentors said once that prongs andi are like brothers(same as in the novel) can't see one without the other... and we also have our fifth member... atom. the shortest of us and binds us together.

like the marauders we are up to no good.. lords of our lives.

but prongs died, bone cancer man...
never cried before...dogs don't cry. have to be strong for the rest of the pack.

but pain still comes back.

i'm a cadet now...imprisoned in azkaban

Stories | Reviewer: Kayan | 4/1/10

Sometimes a story helps you to get through a story. Since I'm an emotional masochist I'm seriously dreading for stories that make me cry. Tears make you tired and I fall asleep because of it. This Song along with a thousand of really sad stories has made me learned to deal with insomnia and other sorts of stuff.

This song is just so much i can't explain. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but to the people it did happen to; i'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything you're gong through. I hope this song helps you to handle it better.


I cry when I hear this... | Reviewer: Taylor | 3/7/10

This is the greatest song in the world. It explains my life, I had a friend, she was rhe greatest and she liked me and I liked her and we were gonna go out but one night she asked me how I would feel if she wasnt here. That she might not make it through the night, I didn't think whe would ever do it... I never got to say goodbye, I didn't try to stop her, I just let her slip away. The next day I found out she had hung herself that night... This song always reminds me of her. If only she was still here.

End | Reviewer: Luke | 11/27/09

right, i'll admit, some people have the right to make this their what you might call... reflection song, to look back on things that have happened in the past, no im not emo... fucking hate the bastards, but it is the sort of song that gets you thinking not only about the actual lyrics but other things aswell only because it is one of those sad sort of songs that gets you thinking, nobody has the right to judge how anybody else can feel, cus they just cant help it, i too am past the stage of crying over songs and just prefer to appreciate it, but saying that nobody has the right to cry is like saying, you dont have your right of way or opinion... bullshit, everyone has a right to their opinion and emotional expressions.

4:am Forever. | Reviewer: Mark | 6/23/09

Such a sad but liberating rock ballad.......i have everything theses guys have ever made on my computer, i`m a massive fan though it is hard to get lostprophets merch here in Aus.

But getting back to the song i sang it at my friends funueral in 2007 and there was not one dry eye in the house......very sad.

=] | Reviewer: the girl ;* | 6/14/09

i rly have no idea why i start crying on the lines 'why dnt u hear me wen i'm calling out to u, why dnt u listen wen i try to make it thru'. Its like so powerful and upsetting. Even though it honestly doesnt remind me of anythng i've been thru. I also try to avoid listening to these songs cuz wen u cry non stop fr a yr or 2 u eventualy get sick of it and u try nt to let anythng affect u. Yet i cnt help listening to this song its amazing! I recomend tht they reapeat the chorus more tho cz its the bst part (why dnt u hear me...) to the depressd ppl here, advice, dnt be, no matter wat be strong nd cheer up cz being upset wnt get nywhere, i shud no. Thank god i'm over tht phase! =)

song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

this song is fucking great.
but seriously, sorry, but alot of emos are attention seeking fags. so shut up with all the I CRY OVER THIS bullshit. who gives a fuck.
dont get me wrong, some are ok, but the majority..

wow *sheds a tear* | Reviewer: Victoria | 2/18/09

You know wat, to u people who say that others shouldnt cry to this song, thats just a bunch of crap because 1: you probably cry to this song to 2: its a normal reaction, you wouldnt laugh ur ass off to 4:Am Forever. So dont come tellin us emo's that we r just bullshit on the road. u hve ur feelings, we hve our feelings!

BTW love the song ;) Lostprophets make my day anyday!

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/09

Just stop by to say awesome song, it really sets a mood. Lost prophets freakin rule. Now about bein depressed... i dont have much to say. Just know things work out as they should and times like these wont last forever.
Take care everyone

I love this song!! | Reviewer: Lauren | 1/18/09

I like this song a lot!!

Um, I just want to point out something that is scaring me. I've been skimming through these other reviews and there are references to cutting. That's truly scary and you people who think like this need to realize you're worth. You don't need a boy/girlfriend to know you're loved. You have families and other friends to lean on! There are so many people who care about you and I...ugh. I have nothing more to say.

And you know what, if your friend left you...well, they must not have been worth your time because they were taken out of your life.

That's my opinion if anyone cares.

Anyways, I really like this song and think it holds a lot of meaning.

Lostprophets rule. :)

Amazing song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

I really, really like this song. but atm, i cant listen to it without crying. (no, im not emo)
my first best friend is friend with my kind of enemy (and he hates me BAAAD) and now he had maked my friend go against me.... but my "friend" is so much more mean to me. more than anyone else has ever been.
he has always been like my BROTHER. we grew up together and all

too bad though... i still love my friend, and i will always do