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3OH!3 is an American hip hop and electronica band from
Boulder, Colorado. The band is named for the area code of
that region, 303.

In April 2008 the band, composed of members Sean Foreman
and Nathaniel Motte, signed with Photo Finish Records (a
subsidiary of Atlantic Records). Foreman and Motte met in a
physics class at the University of Colorado. The members
were inspired by the underground hip-hop scene and Foreman,
then a member of the band Eight Hour Orphans, invited Motte
to mix some beats with him. The two were helped early on More...

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Review about 3oh!3 songs
Fix the lyrics | Reviewer: Emi
    ------ About the song Back To Life performed by 3oh!3

Oh my goodness why don't you listen to the song before posting the wrong lyrics.
Drum line not drama
What it's from not where it's from
That's turning off the street lamps. (Lambs? Really? No.)
There's a RINGING in my ears now. (Maybe there's a ringing in your ears if you couldn't understand that)
If you listen to the words THAT I say.
Everybody WILL get out of our way.
Cause I'm never gonna get these drums out of my head( not cause I'll never get this promise out of my head)

Reply | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Starstrukk performed by 3oh!3

To the comment below:
You probably have the version with Katy Perry. That part's not in it, so that might be why your lyrics are different. =)

The push it baby part is right, for the original version. That much I know.

The lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Starstrukk performed by 3oh!3

These lyrics are wrong caz on my ipod touch it says something completly different to the push it baby part other wise i love the song but im trying to fing the right lyrics unless ive got a different version

Correction | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby performed by 3oh!3

It is Melo, as in Carmelo Anthony in this part:
You can catch me on the speedtrain,
Beeper in a three-way,
Shinin' with the gleam chain,
And your honey givin' me brain,
You can catch me watchin' AI,
meddle it's game time,
Pinkie with the same shine,
pitbull and a canine

It talks about AI as in Allen Iverson and Melo is referring to carmelo since he plays for the nuggets and 30h3 is from denver, hence the name 303 for denvers area code

wow | Reviewer: sierra
    ------ About the song Don't Trust Me performed by 3oh!3

I absolutely LOVE this song. I sing it everyday at p.e. Its so catchy and it has a great rhythm. =D I especially like the part "tell your boyfriend, if he says he got beef that I'm a vegetarian and I aint uh scared of him." I love love love it.

Beaty and Catchy and Groovy | Reviewer: rong
    ------ About the song Don't Trust Me performed by 3oh!3

I do like slow and sad songs but this one scores much better in that genre, maybe. This might not be the typical sad song contender for the music charts. Its a song about how it feels to get pissed always by your GF or someone you fell in love who, most probably, must have left you for someone else and then when you look back in time - You realize that all the sweet words she had said were mere words and remains to be only words. And that makes you think, how did I trust her and using and throwing girls becomes your new hobby and life moves on.... although it could be termed as revenge it necessarily doesn't justify one's action... but this is life...

Fucking great. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Starstrukk performed by 3oh!3

This song is amazing. I listen to it everytime I'm feeling down and I can't help but dance. My boyfriend laughs at me when I start singing and dancing, of course. But this song is still great. I think 3OH!3 is an amazing band, and they can always cheer me up. I just need their album.

Whoa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Richman performed by 3oh!3

I love this song,
its fanfrekingtastick.
my best friend and I even made up a dance for it, look up 'save your soul' on youtube.
haha lol
so yeah, 'pinkie out, lips pink
talking to a rich skank filled up like a sperm bank' best line

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