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3OH!3 is an American hip hop and electronica band from Boulder, Colorado. The band is named for the area code of that region, 303.

In April 2008 the band, composed of members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, signed with Photo Finish Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic Records). Foreman and Motte met in a physics class at the University of Colorado. The members were inspired by the underground hip-hop scene and Foreman, then a member of the band Eight Hour Orphans, invited Motte to mix some beats with him. The two were helped early on by friendships they had made with local acts such as Grace Gale, Signal to Noise and The Blackout Pact. As Motte puts it, "We had it pretty easy. We had a lot of friends in bands who chaperoned us around and got us shows, and that was enough hype or buzz to get us going on our own."

The band has gained street cred by, among other things, opening for Snoop Dogg several times. After playing the Denver leg of Warped Tour in 2007, 3OH!3 has signed on for all venues of Warped Tour 2008 and their song "PunkBitch" is on the Warped Tour 2008 Tour Compilation. The band has also played at national festivals such as Bamboozle Left and the Pemberton Festival in British Columbia. 3OH!3 commonly uses skits and costumes during their live concerts.

3OH!3's debut on Photo Finish Records, Want, was released on July 8, 2008.

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I <3 3OH!3 | Reviewer: Jenna | 6/28/12

SEAN YOU ARE SO HOT!!! YOU LOOK WAY BETTER THOUGH WITHOUT THE BEARD ! I love the song set you free. I can't stop listening to it. Whenever I'm home alone I turn on the speakers as loud as they can and play that song! SEAN IS JUST SO SEXY AND A GREAT SINGER!!! i'M LIKE FREAKING OBSESSED OVER HIM!!! I <3 u Sean!!!!

love | Reviewer: 3oh!3 lover | 7/28/11

until now 3oh!3 is still the best band on earth i love them its like there my whole life i live and breathe 3oh!3 ohh nat is so sexy sean hot 2 my fav is still im not your boyfriend baby love ya they beat all the other fuckin badass bands

I <3 3oh!3 :] | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/30/10

3oh!3 is the best band you can ever hear:] the best song ever? Touchin on my haha I absolutly love that song. You should see my iPod it is filled with there songs and music videos if I had more money I would buy all of there t shirts and CDs. I went to hot topic today with just 5$ and I almost cried because I couldn't buy a tshirt haha:) anyway the next time they come to Rochester NY I reallyreallyreaalllyyt am gonna try to be there:) I live in Jamestown ny, a small city, but you guys should really visit it would be amayzing! anyway i love you guys! -Hannah;)

Sara K. | Reviewer: Sexy Mamma | 6/8/10

3oh3! 4ever, oh and dee cadle tht is ssoo not true nathaniel motte is ssoo hot and so is sean foreman,sexy, but i guess thts ur opinion. Follow me down thgh sick song luv it, luv 3oh3!!!!!!!
3oh 3 3 kicks ass they rock, their diffrent and dont care wut others say about them i hope their sssooooooooo sexy.

<3 u seam foremen | Reviewer: dee cadle | 1/27/10

omg i luv sean so much i dont really like nathoniels hair (i think thats how u spell it) but omg sean you are so fit and sexy although not so much with the beard but i luv u guys so much i hope you carry on making brill songs and i luv the song follow me down i cant get enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3oh!3 baby (: | Reviewer: casey | 9/30/09

This band is so amazing. I know all there songs , my favorite is "holler till you pass out" it definately gets me pumped up. there so differnt , but if you dont like them get out of town. i hope to see them in concert shortly (: your fans love you 3oh!3 !!!!!

Dont Trust A Hoe,That Wont Trust Meh. ;) | Reviewer: darianlindseysmithers.♥ | 6/15/09

Oh muh gaawd. I love this band so fackin much. Im in love with them,their native too. Just like me,which is one reason i like em. Plus they're just awesome. And hott too. ;)Well well well,all i have for now. Later gaterss. <3
PS: LOVE 3OH!3 LOVER ! ! !

Ausum!! | Reviewer: PuNKk3OH!3LuVa<3 | 4/17/09

Omg I luv dem so fuckin much!!!!!!<33333 I ddnt evn kno aabout dem till lyk january wen I heard da song Don't Trust Me! Den, I just downlaoded evry song by them cuz deyr ausum as hell. LUV U 3OH!3!!!!<333333

omg it is 3oh!3 | Reviewer: ♥JADELEE♥ | 3/25/09

i love them and i see them going far. they are the best thing senc chocolate. i cant get over the fact that they are so amazing. ahahahahah i love them. and if it werent for my friend autumn i would have never heard them ahahaha they are amazing. the crowds will go crazy for them, the girls will go nuts. cuz they are bad ass

3oh!3 - my favey! | Reviewer: Rachael D. | 1/22/09

with songs like PunkBitch, Don't Trust Me, I'm not your boyfriend baby, & Don't Dance; 3oh!3 has quickly become an icon in many music scenes. Cathchy lyrics and contriversal subject matter intrigue audiences and keep the crowds growing. 3oh!3 has become one of my favorites, every

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