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In the beginning, Tariano Adaryll (Taj) would be there
alone, unnoticed, a tiny kid way off to the side of a giant
stage on which his uncle performed. But soon father Tito
would be bringing Taryll Adren along with Tariano, and not
very long after that, the youngest brother, Tito Joe. Three
quiet kids, listening--just as millions all over the world
listened--watching---just as millions watched--the
unforgettable performances that made their uncle the King
of Pop.

Tito fondly recalls: "I saw signs of their talent when they
were just More...

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Review about 3T songs
My OOOOOO-Pinion! ;) | Reviewer: Gizmos'n'gadgets
    ------ About the song Endless Christmas performed by 3T

I think it's awesomer (if that's even a word, which I don't think it is... tee-hee) than a fraggin' possum! I should REALLY annoy my family with it. Random TAG student! Boo-yaw! Yayyyyy I LOVE Christmas a ton! Merry Christmas to you all and to all a goodnight!
-A Clarinda TAG student...

a compliment | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need You performed by 3T

wel,im trying to write a special paragraph.special lines for ths song bt i cnt coz the first lines tht people wrote says more than what i cld say in my line..Bt oh,i need ths 3T's sng mre than anyone cld ever knw.can't live a day without it.#respect

finally! | Reviewer: janine
    ------ About the song I Need You performed by 3T

after searching for years, i finally found this one song that completes my 3 in the morning. I can't help but fall in love with its lyrics, singers esp the background vocals of MJ! Hail "I need you" :))

about 3t | Reviewer: victoia
    ------ About the song Anything performed by 3T

i love u and in my country they do not love u and your family but i love u with all my heart and uncle michael too so dont give up trust in the lord and he will guide u in the way i love u guys so much dont give up

an opinion | Reviewer: gabriella&TJ
    ------ About the song I Need You performed by 3T

well,I totally love 3T's music and MJ's music.they are all so talented like they are not real. I like this song because TJ expreses so much love in it and it is extraordinary. All the respect and love for the 3T members.(I love you TJ and I hope some day I'll have the chance to meet you and tell you how much I admire you)kisses!

sensual seduction | Reviewer: beverly thomas
    ------ About the song Sex Appeal performed by 3T

a sexy,turn you on, song by the sexy,sensual,guys of the jackson source, of course! 3t youre awsome! just like your gorgeous uncle mike! god bless you, and your lives! thanks for the great music! songbird

I L0VE IT ! | Reviewer: JASYKA
    ------ About the song Thankful performed by 3T

This song is the bestest [=
it's exactly how I feel about my girlfriend
Cassandra <3

& just in case
you're reading this,
i love you baby .

VERY ROMANTIC | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song Anything performed by 3T

I love this song it's so romantic. I love their voices. I wish they didn't break up.

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