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In the beginning, Tariano Adaryll (Taj) would be there alone, unnoticed, a tiny kid way off to the side of a giant stage on which his uncle performed. But soon father Tito would be bringing Taryll Adren along with Tariano, and not very long after that, the youngest brother, Tito Joe. Three quiet kids, listening--just as millions all over the world listened--watching---just as millions watched--the unforgettable performances that made their uncle the King of Pop.

Tito fondly recalls: "I saw signs of their talent when they were just infants. They used to use brooms and mops to imitate the Jackson brothers."

Taj, Taryll, and Tito Joe: Three inseparable brothers--their mother, the late Delores (Dee Dee), dubbed them "the three Ts"--were studying under a master long before they were old enough to appreciate the significance of being born into a family whose talents transfixed a generation. They were Jacksons, the sons of the second oldest son of Joseph and Katherine Jackson, nephews of the incomparable Michael Jackson.

For years the brothers said little about their own ambitions. They listened to the hit recordings of their famous kinfolk, but also to those of the Beatles, Elton John, the Doobie Brothers, and countless others. Their minds remained opened to myriad musical influences as they chalked up impressive batting averages on the baseball team at the San Fernando prep school Buckley High, which young Tito still attends. All three are exceptional scholars: Taj and Tarryl will soon get their degrees from Loyola Marymount University.

Quiet, introspective young men, they spent their time honing their musical talents. They sharpened their keyboard skills and mastered the techniques that have made computers an integral feature of modern pop. As they began to assemble an impressive collection of music of their own making, the brothers became less reluctant to express their desire to enter the family business.

Uncle Michael was delighted. He took his nephews under his wing, gave them advice, helped them further their ambitions by allowing them access to a wealth of entertainment resources. And, as their father recalls, Michael's tutelage helped them focus their energies. "They've been working hard for ten years," says Tito. "They've become good writers as well as good singers."

The turning point was the music the brothers wrote for highly rated mini-series The Jacksons: An American Dream and for the hit film Free Willy. The "three Ts" became 3T, and their uncle was sufficiently impressed to sign the group to his new record label, MJJ Music (distributed by Sony 550 Music). Michael gave the group their creative freedom, and 3T responded with more than two dozen songs--the best of which are now included on their debut album, BROTHERHOOD.

Now, as their names and photos increasingly appear in teen fan magazines, the three brothers are about to try for stardom. Father Tito is certain they'll succeed: "They really want this. They know that they're following in the footsteps of a family known for entertainment, and that they can't drag their feet." And, Tito points out, 3T are well aware that "they're in a business where you're only as good as your last record."

As an album title, Brotherhood signals the family ties that have shaped 3T. Big brother Taj keeps protective watch; middle brother Taryll keeps everyone together. And Tito, although the youngest sibling, can sometimes teach his elders a thing or two.

"Anything"--written and produced by 3T--is the first single from Brotherhood. In addition to the trio's own work, writing and production from Mark Morales and Ace of Base round out a debut effort that seems destined for success. 3T represents a new generation of America's premier family of pop: three brothers certain to maintain the Jackson name as one that will thrill listeners for years to come.

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3T's the best | Reviewer: lisa lou | 11/13/12

it's 14 of November 2012...the first time i discovered about this boy band(3T) whom i was really amazed by their songs.. SWEAR! and i started to love this guys ever.. they got the gutts of they're incomparable uncle Michael Jackson(my idol).. i was really shocked at first when i knew that they are the nephews of Michael.. if i could see them in person i would kiss them in they're lips.. love you guys... God Bless..

i just like the 3T | Reviewer: Rosana Ambrose Rosa | 11/30/11

Hey beautiful Angels i will be of no HEART if i dont first appreciate all your efforts you are putting in to reach the top en walk in the limelight of your uncle, en being the fun of MJ(RIP) i have this feeling that you are realy like him and bringing his memory back to life.............

And for the record i really love all your songs en for the "I NEED YOU" it rocks ma world I LOVE YOU
In uganda we say "when you take things easily you reach the top"

i just like the 3T | Reviewer: Rosana Ambrose Rosa | 11/30/11

Hey beautiful Angels i will be of no HEART if i dont first appreciate all your efforts you are putting in to reach the top en walk in the limelight of your uncle, en being the fun of MJ(RIP) i have this feeling that you are realy like him and bringing his memory back to life.............

And for the record i really love all your songs en for the "I NEED YOU" it rocks ma world I LOVE YOU
In uganda we say "when you take things easily you reach the top"

So sorry | Reviewer: To my niggis 3t | 7/9/11

Hey guy am fred by name a nigerian,i want show my sympathy about ur uncle m.j,he is an icon in the music,his songs will be forever remeberd in my mind,whaaoo,a rare gem is gone,he is dead but i can see him resurecting through you guys,i love your music especialy the one titled,EVERYTHING,it have created much impact in my life,more grease to your elbow guy,waiting to hear more of your tracks

You have all you need | Reviewer: Meg B. | 10/20/10

I would be remiss if first I did not express my deepest sympathies for your immeasurable loss.
I have observed all of you. People say to walk in Michael's light. As we know,that beam belongs only to him. The three of you have your own magnificence. Yes, you have that golden Jackson unifying element, but you are a separate dynamic. You are the perfect combination of being ascendingly sweet, softly provocative, and almost feigning innocent sensuality. Your voices have that pleading quality that is the epitome of emoting. Your moves, your body language while each unique, blend in creating an inescapable seduction. Relish the fact that you are the individual brothers who together are a unique force that shine not in Michaels' wonderful shadow, but in your own remarkable illumination. So look inward, and recognize your own understated brilliance.

so sorry about your mom and michael | Reviewer: JANICE BARBER | 8/11/10

hi,you guys are so handsome and i love your singing,please get out there and let the world hear you .i adore your wonderful uncle,he was so full of love and deserved the best.i am a dot on the michael jackson tribute site ,its a great place to go everyone on it adores michael and you can just fell his sweet spitit thu people.because of michaels love you get great frends there.every night i have to watch you guys sing and then my angel ,michael.love yall so ,janice

walk in the lite of micheal,keep the memory alife...... | Reviewer: hugo henry | 7/7/10

am a great fan of micheal,when i look at you 3t i see his reflexion,energy,voice and the future of the jackson,please dont allow it to die. in every remembrance of mj please 3t perform for the world.....


Tito and Dee-Dee Jackson where a very kewt couple,and they had 3 incredible son┬┤s.They were born into a family filledwith music.I would probably be happy to have such an uncle like Michael jackson.I am sure that Michael inspired them to sing and do a fine job.3T is a group that will never be forgotten i hope you guys get to read this. from your #1 fann *cherry* luv 4-ever..........3T 4-life..........

3t? | Reviewer: kiki | 1/2/10

i didn't know who you guys where before then i heard a song called anything it was pretty good and this was before i new that you guys where realated to Micheal. You guys are good keep up the good work I guess.....

Christine Mathews | Reviewer: Christine | 11/5/09

Hello 3t,

Just wanted to say hello, and how are all of you doing? I just wanted to say how sorry I am about Michael, I'm sure he was a great Uncle, because he was such of loving and kind person in general. I miss him and his music. I just wanted to let all of you know how much your music has helped me through my troubled times, as my husband who was also, named Michael recently passed away at 42, so I know what you guys are going through right now, it isn't easy. But, anyway your music and Michael's has helped me through my hard times, and I just wanted to say thank you very much god bless you and your family and keep up the good work. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

hope to see u guys | Reviewer: ruth-ann | 8/12/09

hey guys i am a 15 year old girl from jamaica and i just wanna say big up to u boys in the music career.first of all,i am very sorry about ur uncle michael.from a little girl i have always loved him and still do.although i am in the caribbean i hope to see u guys soon.i send millions of respect to the jackson family i love u all and as for uncle michael the love of my heart is always flowing for him.big up aunt janet for me please.i love u guys.bye for now.

taj | Reviewer: terry | 8/1/09

hi guys is been long that i havent heard from u guys, what u guys doing these days? i just wonna pass over my sympathy to u guys about ur uncle M.J him too was a real man and that we will always remember him .And tay continue keeping that qute face of urs .love yah terry

What A Beautiful Talented Family. | Reviewer: MarieT | 7/27/09

Hello 3T,
First of all let's give an honor to the almighty. i loved and still love your uncle. I love your family. You guys will do well and I will support you in whatever you do, just remember that no matter what anyone says about your family, just know that there isn't a family on earth that flawless. Have faith in yourselves and belive in what you do-because knothing else matters.

Love always
auntie ReRe

P.S. MJ rest in peace, baby-see ya soon!

to my boys 3t | Reviewer: SOPHIE MOCHOELE | 7/13/09

to tj,taryll and taj,can you please guys tell aunty latoya to try and find it in her hurt to accept that uncle doo doo is gone and stop blaming people because we must know that oxygen comes from GOd and if he wants it who will stop him no one and this whole thing is upsetting us mj's fans because we are also trying to accept this thing and is difficult the only thing we can do now is to tank and praise God for borrowing us mike for 50 years so now we have to let him go and dance and sing for the Almighty,atleast we now know when we miss him we can watch his videos and listen to his music,iam sure he will want us to do that not to blame each other for God's will,i did love mike and if i say now iam not hurting or missing him i will be lying may his soul find peace and rest in God's everlasting arms and your in my prayers always boys and love to the entire jackson family love sophie from south africa

im verrrrrrrrrrry sorry for your lost | Reviewer: mazy | 7/7/09

to the emazing 3t god knows how much we adore you guys , at first im realy sorry for your lost and for our lost the king of pop was not just a musican but a legend i grew up with , MJ i hope u rest in peace ............... As for u guys i realy want you to know that we your fans support you and love you and we are waiting for you and counting on you to complite what the legend started .You guys were a reason i listened to music ,ineed you , why , stuck on you , all your hits were a blast i played your tape over and over 24\7 was one of my favourite and im waiting for more love you guys .xoxo

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