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3T Biography

Last updated: 11/14/2012 02:38:05 PM

In the beginning, Tariano Adaryll (Taj) would be there alone, unnoticed, a tiny kid way off to the side of a giant stage on which his uncle performed. But soon father Tito would be bringing Taryll Adren along with Tariano, and not very long after that, the youngest brother, Tito Joe. Three quiet kids, listening--just as millions all over the world listened--watching---just as millions watched--the unforgettable performances that made their uncle the King of Pop.

Tito fondly recalls: "I saw signs of their talent when they were just infants. They used to use brooms and mops to imitate the Jackson brothers."

Taj, Taryll, and Tito Joe: Three inseparable brothers--their mother, the late Delores (Dee Dee), dubbed them "the three Ts"--were studying under a master long before they were old enough to appreciate the significance of being born into a family whose talents transfixed a generation. They were Jacksons, the sons of the second oldest son of Joseph and Katherine Jackson, nephews of the incomparable Michael Jackson.

For years the brothers said little about their own ambitions. They listened to the hit recordings of their famous kinfolk, but also to those of the Beatles, Elton John, the Doobie Brothers, and countless others. Their minds remained opened to myriad musical influences as they chalked up impressive batting averages on the baseball team at the San Fernando prep school Buckley High, which young Tito still attends. All three are exceptional scholars: Taj and Tarryl will soon get their degrees from Loyola Marymount University.

Quiet, introspective young men, they spent their time honing their musical talents. They sharpened their keyboard skills and mastered the techniques that have made computers an integral feature of modern pop. As they began to assemble an impressive collection of music of their own making, the brothers became less reluctant to express their desire to enter the family business.

Uncle Michael was delighted. He took his nephews under his wing, gave them advice, helped them further their ambitions by allowing them access to a wealth of entertainment resources. And, as their father recalls, Michael's tutelage helped them focus their energies. "They've been working hard for ten years," says Tito. "They've become good writers as well as good singers."

The turning point was the music the brothers wrote for highly rated mini-series The Jacksons: An American Dream and for the hit film Free Willy. The "three Ts" became 3T, and their uncle was sufficiently impressed to sign the group to his new record label, MJJ Music (distributed by Sony 550 Music). Michael gave the group their creative freedom, and 3T responded with more than two dozen songs--the best of which are now included on their debut album, BROTHERHOOD.

Now, as their names and photos increasingly appear in teen fan magazines, the three brothers are about to try for stardom. Father Tito is certain they'll succeed: "They really want this. They know that they're following in the footsteps of a family known for entertainment, and that they can't drag their feet." And, Tito points out, 3T are well aware that "they're in a business where you're only as good as your last record."

As an album title, Brotherhood signals the family ties that have shaped 3T. Big brother Taj keeps protective watch; middle brother Taryll keeps everyone together. And Tito, although the youngest sibling, can sometimes teach his elders a thing or two.

"Anything"--written and produced by 3T--is the first single from Brotherhood. In addition to the trio's own work, writing and production from Mark Morales and Ace of Base round out a debut effort that seems destined for success. 3T represents a new generation of America's premier family of pop: three brothers certain to maintain the Jackson name as one that will thrill listeners for years to come.