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Chief Keef 3Hunna Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

Sosa baby, you know I'm rockin baby
GBE baby, O'block
Bang bang
Nigga I'm three hunna bang

I'm coolin with my youngins
And what we smoke one hunna
But nigga I'm three hunna
Click Clack, Pow, now he runnin
Don't be fuckin with my youngins
Them niggas be drummin
They take ya ass down shit we need them bricks or something

Keep this shit one hunna
I keep this shit three hunna
I pull up in that audi
You pull up in that honda

[Verse 1:]
A fuck nigga don't wanna be it
I like my bitch conceited
I'm sosa bitch, chief keef (sosa baby)
My gun don't make me beat it
I'm coolin with my young niggas
A lot of kush, a lot of guns nigga
You see you us you better run nigga
Bullets hot like the sun nigga
She like Sosa I'm a big fan
Bitch I'm leanin like a kickstand
I'm high I'm smoking ganja
Fuck a tooka gang bitch I'm 3hunna


[Verse 2:]
GBE bitch I'm a big dawg
Kill ya'll then forget ya'll
I feel like poppin red dog
Big gun that knock ya head off
Three hunna bitch six hunna
O'block and young munnah
OTF bitch honor
We bring them guns out and tell they ass ta runnah
I make the fuckin floor shake
Fuck my birthday bitch I need more cake
I'm sosa bitch I'm gettin it
We smoke thoinks bitch, ya'll be smokin midget