36 Crazyfists Albums

  • A Snow Capped Romance Album
    At The End Of August
    The Heart And The Shape
    Skin And Atmosphere
    Song For The Fisherman
    With Nothing Underneath
    Destroy The Map
    Installing The Catheter
    Cure Eclipse

  • The Tide And Its Takers Album (5/26/2008)
    The All Night Lights
    We Gave It Hell
    The Back Harlow Road
    Clear The Coast
    Waiting On A War
    Only A Year Or So...
    Absent Are The Saints
    Vast And Vague
    When Distance Is The Closest Reminder
    Northern November
    The Tide And Its Takers

  • Rest Inside The Flames Album (6/13/2006)
    I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
    Felt Through A Phone Line
    On Any Given Night
    The Great Descent
    Midnight Swim
    Will Put This In My Hand
    We Cannot Deny
    Between The Anchor And The Air
    The City Ignites

  • Bitterness the Star Album (4/4/2002)
    Turns to Ashes
    One More Word
    An Agreement Called Forever
    Slit Wrist Theory
    Bury Me Where I Fall
    Two Months Form a Year
    Chalk White
    All I Am
    Circle the Drain
    Left Hand Charity

  • Suffer Tree Album (4/17/1997)

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    Reviews about 36 Crazyfists albums

    Amazing | Reviewer: Ross
        ------ About the album Bitterness the Star performed by 36 Crazyfists

    This band tops the rest with its outstanding lyrics and its amazing beats. This band is frickin' talented as hell man. I found out bout these guys on youtube. I was lookin' up some Halo 2 montages, and Bloodwork just happened to be apart of the montage. I looked up the band, and loved em' ever since. I cant say anything bad about this band. Even their acoustic version of Midnight Swim, also known as The City Ignites, its freakin' crazy insane. May 2008 BABAY. Recommend these guys in a heartbeat.

    Sick album | Reviewer: Andrew
        ------ About the album A Snow Capped Romance performed by 36 Crazyfists

    I was just hangin out with my friends downn in australia and one of them just happen to mention that he had found some new music so i said slap it on and give me a listen. Ever since then ive been listinin to these guys non-stop and wnet out and bought their album the very next day. their music isnt just heavy metal shit thats around alot these days its got some catchy beats and lyrics. dam i just cant wait for these guys to release some more music. keep hammering out the music guys, u guys totally rock. i think u guys should serioulsy think about come down under in one of the countries biggest music festivals the big day out.

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