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All five members of 311 grew up in the 1970's in Omaha,
Nebraska. Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney and Chad Sexton lived on
the west side of town and went to Westside High School
together. P-Nut and SA Martinez lived on the south side of
town and went to Bryan High School together.

During high school, Nick and Tim played in a rock band
together called "The Ed's". Nick was also in the high
school concert jazz band with Chad.

At seventeen, Nick graduated early from high school and
moved to downtown Los Angeles in pursuit of a music career. More...

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Review about 311 songs
I remember amber | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amber performed by 311

I remember listing to this as a little girl and I have never forgot the words amber is the color of your energy those words have never left my head and they are the only words I will never forget my mom would sing along when it played on the radio and I just loved listening to her sing it and I would always sing it when I was bored

1d are yuck | Reviewer: kate
    ------ About the song Summer Of Love performed by 311

i don't really like your song its a type of source i have local life just not like 1d i don't like the way harry , niall ,zayn, liam and louis dress ewwww . totally yuck im rich i have a big mansion + better clothes . i go to a posh school private . 1d ar yuck

A positively goosebump-giving happy trance | Reviewer: Ryan McG
    ------ About the song Life's Not A Race performed by 311

The title of my review is exactly what this song and just about all other 311 songs give to me. Its pure bliss to dive into my collection of 311 songs at any given time. Im just glad that this music exists and I wish the rest of the world would out on their ears and hear this amazing music and be blown away like the rest of us.

04.18.2011 | Reviewer: Brandi
    ------ About the song Speak Easy performed by 311


I'm a really big ICP fan.

That being said, I took up the name Speakeasy when I got my paint on.

So when I saw this, I just HAD to listen to it...

And I love it. :)

Definitely the best 311 I've heard.

I had to put it in a review and it goes like | Reviewer: Stephen G
    ------ About the song Amber performed by 311

Whoa, this song is the color of my life.
I simply love it. It has memormable music and lyrics. From the bass lines to the ska reggae style guitar parts, to the super cool solos. It is a favorite song. Thanks for the lyrics, I will sing this to my love of my life, Em.

wrong words | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song Who's Got The Herb? performed by 311

Hey the little rock part at the end says "311s got the herb now you cant avoid that, big ups to all the heads with the fat bud sacks". I'm not sure about the rest. as for the end of it, "many countries round the world, the people smoke the herb, provisions are absurd, the people want it"!

311 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Don't Dwell performed by 311

this has to be the most uplifting band ive ever had the pleasure to hear i would advise people to open your ears and listen to the positive stories and messages these guys are sending it can change you perspective on life

no missing lyrics. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Omaha Stylee performed by 311

that doesnt help at all douchebag. listen to the song. read the lyrics. wow, they match up. amazing. dont just come with ur critiques without really knowing what ur talking about. u just wasted everyone's time. there are no missing lyrics, everybody. as u were.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Other Side Of Things performed by 311

Great song, nicks part in the middle is fantastic, he's talking about how people in our society don't thinkfor themselves any more and look to the different forms of media and people to get their opinions. And it's actually "IN college....". I especially like the it's time to take your medicine part!
And the person above me is 100% right, being down is only in your head so STAY POSITIVE AND LOVE YOUR LIFE!

so pure | Reviewer: Lena
    ------ About the song Love Song performed by 311

i always loved this song by Cure, but these guys made this better i think. now this song is more emotional. i just think of my ex bf and i wanted to make him listen this. later i decided to dont do this. he gone far away. anyway he dont deserve this song.. never ever

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