311 Albums

  • Stereolithic Album (3/11/2014)
    Ebb And Flow
    Five Of Everything
    Revelation Of The Year
    Sand Dollars
    Boom Shanka
    Make It Rough
    The Great Divide
    Friday Afternoon
    Simple True
    First Dimension
    Made In The Shade
    Existential Hero
    The Call

  • Universal Pulse Album (7/19/2011)
    Time Bomb
    Wild Nights
    Count Me In
    Rock On
    And a Ways to Go
    Sunset In July

  • Uplifter Album (6/1/2009)
    Hey You
    It's Alright
    Mix It Up
    Golden Sunlight
    India Ink
    Daisy Cutter
    Too Much Too Fast
    Never Ending Summer
    Two Drops In The Ocean
    Something Out Of Nothing
    My Heart Sings
    I Like The Way
    Get Down
    How Long Has It Been
    Sun Come Through

  • Don't Tread on Me Album (8/16/2005)
    Don't Tread On Me
    Thank Your Lucky Stars
    Frolic Room
    Speak Easy
    Solar Flare
    Long For The Flowers
    Getting Through To Her
    Whiskey And Wine
    It's Getting OK Now
    There's Always An Excuse

  • Evolver Album (7/21/2003)
  • From Chaos Album (6/19/2001)
  • Soundsystem Album (10/12/1999)
  • Live! Album (11/3/1998)
  • Transistor Album (8/5/1997)
  • Grassroots Album (7/12/1994)
  • Music Album (5/9/1994)
  • 311 Album (2/1/1993)
  • Hydroponic Album (6/1/1992)
  • Unity Album (6/1/1991)
  • Dammit Album (6/1/1990)

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    Reviews about 311 albums

    One of the Best Albums of all time | Reviewer: Allentria Harvey
        ------ About the album Transistor performed by 311

    This is by far, hands down one of the best albums by 311. If you are a 311 fan you will love this one. It has alot of really amazing original transcendant songs that will take you there. This Album solidifies for me them being the best Album of all time. With the reggae influence and the Hard rock influence their music brings my mind to where i could never imagine music could go. They got pretty deep too! If there were a rating system this Album would be 5 stars!!!

    Frickin Sweet! | Reviewer: RDubs
        ------ About the album Don't Tread on Me performed by 311

    It takes a little while to get into it but once you do you'll realize that this cd ranks up there with their greatest hits cd. My personal favorite song off this cd is It's Getting OK Now, check it out.

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