30 Foot Fall Albums

  • Ever Revolving, Never Evolving Album (7/13/1999)
    Better Off Dead
    Attack Of The Flaming Egos
    Ida Know
    Kirk Cameron Sings The Blues
    Fuck Ya'll, We're From Texas
    How I Became The Jerk
    Musical Polygamy
    Opposite Day
    Metal Killed My Cat
    Just Like Heaven

  • Divided We Stand Album (7/22/1998)
    Divided We Stand
    Popular Opinion
    The Heroin Song
    Happy Song
    Boogers For Brains
    I Hate Punk Rock

  • Acme 143 Album (3/11/1997)
    Entertainment Vs. Enlightenment
    People Are Stupid
    Bad Hair Day Punx
    Still Rock 'N' Roll To Me
    Punk Rocks In Yer Hed

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