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30 Foot Fall Biography

Last updated: 11/12/2003 03:17:12 AM

Once upon a time, back in the day in da' hood, on the northside in Houston, TX. 2 guys, (Rubio & Tony) decided that the way to get the most chicks was to start a band. So they bought expensive equipment & started writing songs in Rubio's dad's shop (most of which sounded like helmet). So they eventually got scrapped, although you may hear 1 or 2 at a show if the band decides to kick it old skool!

So anyway, one day Rubio was driving down the freeway when this insane guy in a hooptie ass Oldsmobile hatchback screams "Hey, if your singer dies or something I want to sing for your band!" Eventually Rubio & Tony gave him a call & Butch joined the band adding comedy to the shows by performing naked & painting himself. Rubio & Tony knew a guy named Damon that used to play drums in metal bands back in the day, & everyone knows that metal drummers are the shit! Rubio asked him to join the band every time he saw him but Damon was too busy robbing people blind to play drums... One day Rubio bribed him by taking him to "Astroworld" & he agreed to join. After that the band got good! They played everywhere & put out a hooptie ass demo & a hooptie ass 7 inch called "Elementry Skool Love" (if you have either burn them!).

One day, for reasons unknown to anyone except for the banana gods on tikki island, the band got silly & booted Tony. But that's OK cuz he grew a big ass afro, started Broken Note Records, & formed the hip-hop sensations I-45. Crazy Tony is now a legend in the Houston music scene & remains a dear friend to this day.

So with Tony gone the band tried out several goons until stumbling upon the king of punk rockers, Delron. Delron was not from the hood, he was from atlanta, but that's ok cuz he was hawrd!!! He amazed the guys with his 6 string acrobatics & fully punked out leather jacket. (Which he has since gotten rid of) with a solid new line-up 30footFALL soared to new heights. Popularity & fame soon followed, (they're still waiting on the fort