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A Perfect Circle 3 Libras Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 01:16:32 PM

Through me you're the obvious
And you flew with it on your back
A name in your recollection
Down among a million same

Difficult not to feel a little bit
Disappointed and passed over
When I look right through,
See you naked but oblivious

And you don't see me

But I threw you the obvious
Just to see if there's more behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel,
Eyes of a tragedy

Here I am expecting just a little bit
Too much from the wounded
But I see, see through it all
See through, see you

'Cause I threw you the obvious
To see what occurs behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel,
Eyes of a tragedy

well, oh well
Apparently nothing,
Apparently nothing at all

You don't, you don't
You don't see me

You don't, you don't
You don't see me

You don't, you don't
You don't see me

You don't, you don't
You don't see me

You don't see me

You don't, you don't
You don't see me at all

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fallen angel | Reviewer: sion | 9/21/12

i fouth for two years for him , a beauty strange girl , before a just a friend , how has a disturbing past an present ,,, involved with shadow s ... hahah i just try to do it interisting... well the fact was tha she was violada some years before and never talk about it, but sodenly turn her behaivor and devalop a totally cover over she,,, she turned to be grosera, grotesca ,, and compulsive, neurotic and else ; in a form to exprese her pain ... a very ontelligent girl , writter and aonly there she could expres her real feelings ; no body have seen its ; she began to show me its a entendi many things ; she is fallen angel ; no body support her even I received many insultos but for her i understood was a way to expres the hate on, the poems and cuentos was so beatufull ,, but sudenly turned darks ; she burned the house where every thing occurs .. no body now what hapened; but... she atually life whit a old man,, she s young and beauty,,, and she hate that man , she feel asco make the love with him ... she hate the life that is living ...

Response to response to "a true love story" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/12

You don't see me. I've been beside you for 17 years. Taking care of you, your family, your children. But I'm still invisible. Just like the song, who will love me for me by jj heller. A lover that never really sees you, loves you for you. Someone who is so busy focusing on their "true love story" that they don't see the love they live with every day.

you dont see me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/12

all my life i had waited for him and i had no idea until we met...that he was everything id ever wanted. i was so in love and i gave myself completely. without fear or expectations. i would have done anything for him. but he only saw through me, as if i wasn't even there. because he was still in love with someone else.
it doesn't matter how beautiful i am or how down to earth. he doesn't see it because he sees right through me. i feel passed up. like im not good enough. and this has left me with the confirmation that i am truly unlovable.

In response to: "A true love story" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/12

In response to: “A true love story”
Not one day passed that your memory did not haunt me. The not knowing was by far the worst. All I ever wanted was to know you were ok. Later, as the years passed, I started to wonder if you ever really felt the same as I did or if you ever "saw me". I became dark, hurt, scared and even mad. I did not understand why this weight had been placed on my Heart. Then the realization of what you must have gone through set in. Forgive me for not being able to see this and save you. Because I couldn’t help you I have spent the rest of my life trying to help others. Maybe this is my penance, I do not know. I even became a police officer, hoping to fix things, to fix others. But, as you know, I can’t even fix me!
The fact that you picked up on this song and how it relates in my life is uncanny. All along I have always wondered if you” saw me”. I guess you do! Thank you for seeing me. Please know I have, and always will, see you too!
I looked at my iTunes account and realized that I have played 3 Libras well over 600 times, kinda shocked me, but I guess there is something there in the undercurrent. You are my “Fallen Angel”.
My Heart is so heavy and I still ask God why, why me, why her and why us? When do I stop hurting? I asked what could two teenagers have done to deserve all of the hurt and suffering…then I hear my babies yell Daddy!, Daddy’s home! And I see the smile on my wife’s face, and think about the pictures of you and your babies, and I am reminded that everything has a greater purpose! But I still see you!

I spend hours wandering…..

a love tragedy | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/14/11

3 libras seems to refer to when a person develops feelings for another person, possibly a friend, who actually has no feelings for them other than their bond as friends and instead has feelings for some one else. How could I come to this conclusion? Simple really...I've lived it multiple times. The fact that they're all libras means that some ones life is out of balance and feels the sadness of when hope is lost.

The Arts | Reviewer: J Rich | 7/5/11

Maynard works in the music and entertainment industry in which a large number of musicians, writers, painters, philosiphers, doctors and poets usually fall under this sighn. They are at times very lazy but are always by far the most creative, beautiful, diplomatic, charming and quintessential romantics out of all the signs. These are qualities in people that Maynard is bound to be attracted to and interested in. Think of Aleister Crowley libra, Michelangelo libra, Oscar Wilde libra, John Lennon libra, kim Kardashian, Will Smith and Rita Hayworth all libras. Libras are the most happiest in life when they have balance and Maynard unfortunately for him was born under the sign of Aries. Aries out of all the signs loves challanges and does not feel comfortable at all with perfect balance, choas is lovingly accepted by aries where libras are disgusted by it. This consequently creates major problems when the two different signs fall in love. Libras do best with other Libras and this reflects Maynards sadness in that he feels passed over because he was not born under this sign.

The Obvious | Reviewer: FastEddie | 6/19/11

"Threw you the obvious to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel.."

When I met my ex gf she had a drug problem. At the same time her life was spiraling out of control I had become involved in some legal trouble and when no one else was there for me, she aided me with willingness and concern. We fell in love and she stopped doing drugs. We were very happy. Then things began to deteriorate for a variety of reasons and she turned to drugs. I stayed with her. I still loved her. She tried exceedingly to convince me to join her in her drug use. After realizing the only way to be with her was to give in, I threw her the obvious by smoking crack with her and becoming an addict just to see what occurs in her life, to be apart of it. And she didn't see me at all. There was no room for me. But I saw right through her, naked and in terrible condition, but oblivious to it. What's behind the eyes of a fallen angel, the eyes of a tragedy? Apparently nothing. She died last year.

A True Love Story Come Reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/11

To "A Trul Love Story"

Your story touched me. And I have to share. My love of my life whom we were split up by his service to our great country... never to see each other again.. I went on, receiving love from so many, but never "seeing" any of them. I still only saw him... 27 years later he reached out to me having a feeling and he had to know if I was ok. Finding me, battered and beaten by a bad marriage, divoce final, he was able to enter my life today... I thank God for my True Love Story come Reality... though we're not fully together... he's in my heart like I am and have been for almost 30 years.

I see only him now, and that was my problem all my life, I ONLY saw him. My Libra.

GeminixBabydoll | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

I believe this song speaks more abouit the reality of the world and his attempt at connecting with one of the millions of "fallen angels" Lost addicted souls...passed over by those who didn't fall and left oblivious and naked in their homes vulnerable to continue the same path of destruction. His need to reach out and shout "LOOK AROUND AND SEE" was ignored but never forgotten.

GeminixBabydoll | Reviewer: | 4/20/11

I believe this song speaks more about the reality of the world and his attempt at connecting with one of the millions of "fallen angels" Lost addicted souls...passed over by those who didn't fall and left oblivious and naked in their homes vulnerable to continue the same path of destruction. His need to reach out and shout "LOOK AROUND AND SEE" was ignored but never forgotten.

3 Lirbras | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

I agree, everyone can make whatever they want out of the lyrics. I, however, think that this song was intended to be.. well.. sorta like a love song."Threw you the obvious" Giving hints to that certain girl that he loved her."And you flew with it on your back" I told you, but you don't seem to notice."A name in your recollection,
Down among a million same" You probably hear that everyday, and my name is just among the million other guys that may say they love you, and cross your mind."Difficult not to feel a little bit Disappointed and passed over" Its hard to deal with, but I know when i told you how much you matter to me, it meant nothing to you... thats kinda a kick in the nuts."And you don't see me" I'm just a friend of yours... 1 of a million... This song kinda makes me sad..... I didn't make this the clearest. But it anyone read this..

3 Libras | Reviewer: | 4/11/11

Maynard does leave his listeners with some vagueness on how to interpret the meaning. He's a musical genius! Three Libras is about three people in particular during a point in his life who all happened to be going through some things and their birthdays happen to fall between Sep. 23 and October 23, hence making them "3" Libras. My thoughts are that the three individuals could have been a combination of friends, family members, or significant others whose relationship with him possibly hit some turbulence or ended. He "threw them the obvious" making his feelings clear and they let it go to their heads, misinterpreted, or totally disregarded his wishes or how he felt. I do get the feeling that a female happens to be one of the "3" libras possibly a girlfriend or mother. Just my thoughts. Great song by a great band!

A True Love Story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/11

As a child my family moved more than I can possibly remember. My mother was married 5 times and due to that fact I suffered years of physical, sexual and mental abuse from many whom she brought in and out of my life. When I was 15 about to turn 16 I met an amazing guy who literally changed my life. I was so crazy about him and when I noticed my name written all over his notebook I was pretty sure he felt the same way about me. Unfortunately, we were ripped apart by my family’s sudden need to move across states to avoid the law, again. I was so lucky to recently reconnect on fb with this man whom I found out has loved, thought about and worried about me for about 30 years. We are both grown now with wonderful families that we love very much; however, our hearts are still very connected. I think this song portrays how he feels deep inside, but I want to ensure him that “I DO SEE HIM” and he will NEVER be forgotten!!! Unfortunately, “what if???” maybe something we have to live with forever my sweet love!!!

Akhkharu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/11

Maynard almost always has a tendency to leave the lyrics of his songs vague enough for the listener to make their own "perceptions" of what the song means, this is one of the things that makes him such an excellent songwriter/singer. In the case of 3 Libra's it very well could be a reference to his dying mother, however having been in that situation with my mother on life support, I do not believe so. Like alot of you already posted, it more entails someone one already in your life that you have deep feelings for, however they don't feel the same way. That is just my opinion tho and opinion are like assholes, everyone got them and they all stink

Help | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

My ex-boyfriend that I have been broken up with for two years said he thinks of me when he hears this song. He is a songwriter, but I can't get his interpretation. Especially, the part "Cuz I threw you the obvious to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen Angel, the eyes of a tragedy."