3 Inches Of Blood Lyrics

3 Inches of Blood are:
Cam Pipes - vocals
Jamie Hooper - vocals
Justin Hagberg - guitar
Shane Clark - guitar
Brian Redman - bass
Alexei Rodriguez - drums

You've heard them ad nauseum: "Nu-metal", "Hair-metal",
"Emo", "Screamo", "Post-hardcore", "Metal-core", and on,
and on.

3 Inches Of Blood has arrived to tread on the bleached
bones of those exhausted genres. A band to unite the tribes
of mall rats, skaters, punks and bikers under one banner.
Because, after years of a steady de-evolution of the
founding tenets of heavy music, to More...

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Reviews about 3 Inches Of Blood songs

Lead me to the Axes of Evil | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Axes Of Evil performed by 3 Inches Of Blood

This song is amazing...No this band is amazing, but I am here to review "Axes of Evil" SOOOO here it goes. A tale of bloody battle on a fantasy medieval scape, of death and despair. How could it get any better? VERY METAL! I have to say that I haven't even been listening to 3 Inches of Blood for a year, and let me tell you, they are my favorite metal band. I mean I love Metallica, Pantera and all of those classics such as Death, and Kataklysm, but WOW!!! 3IOB threw me for a loop the first time I heard "Deadly Sinners." I really am looking forward to the bands next venture in the world of Fantasy Metal. And I must say that I hope very much that Jamie Hooper is going to re-join the metal clenching screamfest that is 3IOB. Once again, this band is AMAZING!!! If you haven't heard their music, you need to give it a listen.

    ------ About the song Fear On The Bridge (Upon The Boiling Sea I) performed by 3 Inches Of Blood

its just like watching a movie. the imagery is amazing.

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