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um | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

to the idiot saying this song is about Brian Calzini... you're way off. this song is INDEED about FYS. and that's spoken straight from Brian and Jeremy's mouths. Brian and Jer are best friends, literally... lived together and everything. so yes, get your facts straight :)

The ACTUAL Meaning | Reviewer: Dan | 7/17/11

This song is written about the band Four Year Strong. During the International Heroes of Hardcore tour, A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong were both supporting/opening bands for New Found Glory. Initially both Four Year Strong and ADTR were equally popular. However, during the tour, A Day to Remember gained a much larger following/fanbase and was getting much more publicity than FYS. Both ADTR and the tour organizers asked FYS to change time slots for the tour making them the opening band for ADTR. FYS refused and started an angry rivalry between the two bands. This was ADTR's attack at FYS, and FYS's song "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride" was written about ADTR.

To "Samantha" | Reviewer: Caleb | 6/1/11

There is no need to be saying, "Get your fucking facts straight before talking shit." There isn't any need for that on this, but for obligating that the song can be towards a bitch like you. The guy was stating his opinion on the damn song, rather than bashing him for his opinion do something productive. Unless, you're a sad person who can't fill that perspective out, then go back to grade-school kid.

To the song; This is probably my top favorite songs by ADTR. Just because of the meaning behind the song, because it can be directed at illogical asshole in life (and, there is plenty of them.)

/plugs in 12:1 stereo
/blasts ADTR


To the Anonymous reviewer... | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/21/10

To the last poster... Jeremy McKinnon and Brian Calzini are BEST FRIENDS. I know that for a fact. This is what Brian said on Facebook: "To everyone who keeps asking me, NO 2nd sucks is not about me. Jeremy is one of my best friends. Im not gonna say who its about but I assure you its not me. Lets not start spreading stupid rumors. :)"

Get your facts fucking straight before you talk shit.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

This song is about Brian Calzini, the singer of we are defiance. He has been coasting off ADTR's fame to promote we are defiance. This song makes references to Brian's jealousy, lack of respect, and trash talking.

"Can't waist my time
on hateful people like you.
So keep wishing you were me,
and I'll keep making you have to."

Pretty much saying Brian is bitter about the fact he isn't as famous as ADTR.

Meaning. | Reviewer: Grant | 11/13/10

The title suggests he's been second best to someone but then he's become better than the other person and now he's starting to realise he's better. "Outta sight outta mind."

When he tells the person to "just get the fuck over it" he's telling the person there's no coming back and he's beaten him.

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