2Pac Albums

  • Pac's Life Album (12/1/2006)
    Untouchable (Swiss Beatz Remix)
    Pac's Life
    Playa Cardz Right (Female)
    Whatz Next
    Don't Sleep
    Soon As I Get Home
    Playa Cardz Right (Male)
    Don't Stop
    Pac's Life (Remix)
    Scared Straight

  • The Rose, Vol. 2 Album (9/20/2005)
    Intro (The Rose, Vol. 2)
    Power Of A Smile
    The Eternal Lament
    In The Depths Of Solitude
    Movin' On
    Life Through My Eyes
    When Ure Heart Turns Cold
    Black Woman
    Where There Is A Will...
    When Ur Hero Falls
    And 2morrow
    If I Fail
    Poetry By Amber & Morgan Of Pacskids
    Fallen Star
    Only 4 the Righteous

  • Loyal To the Game Album (12/12/2004)
    Soldier Like Me (Return of The Soulja)
    The Uppercut
    Out On Bail
    Ghetto Gospel
    Black Cotton
    Loyal To The Game
    Thugs Get Lonely Too
    N.I.G.G.A (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)
    Who Do You Love?
    A Crooked Nigga Too
    Don't You Trust Me?
    Thug 4 Life
    Po Nigga Blues (Scott Storch Remix)
    Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix)
    A Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
    Loyal To The Game (DJ Quik Remix)

  • Resurrection Album (11/4/2003)
    Intro (Resurrection)
    One Day At A Time
    Death Around The Corner
    Secretz Of War
    Runnin' (Dying To Live)
    Holler If Ya Hear Me
    Starin' Through My Rear View
    Bury Me A G
    Same Song
    Panther Power
    Str8 Ballin'
    Rebel Of The Underground
    The Realist Killaz'

  • Nu-Mixx Klazzics Album (10/7/2003)
  • Better Dayz (Disc 1) Album (11/26/2002)
  • Better Dayz (Disc 2) Album (11/26/2002)
  • Until The End Of Time Album (3/27/2001)
  • 1 in 21 (Australian Version) Album (9/9/2000)
  • Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) Album (5/5/2000)
  • Still I Rise Album (1/14/1999)
  • Greatest Hits Album (1/24/1998)
  • R U Still Down? (Remember Me) Album (1/25/1997)
  • All Eyez On Me (Explicit) Album (1/13/1996)
  • Me Against The World Album (1/14/1995)
  • Thug Life Vol.1 Album (12/1/1994)
  • Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. Album (1/16/1993)
  • 2Pacalypse Now Album (1/1/1992)

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    Reviews about 2Pac albums
    2pac the greatest of oll the thmes | Reviewer: Aminu Ibrahim Hari
        ------ About the album Loyal To the Game performed by 2Pac

    2pac is best rapper in the world he die but his music will live forever and ever and remember that he said 'expect me nigga like you are expecting jesus to come back

    The Best Rap Album Eveeeeeer!!! | Reviewer: Wisani
        ------ About the album All Eyez On Me (Explicit) performed by 2Pac

    This is the type of album which be forever talked about 4 generations to come. I'mma tell my grandkids & great-grandkids about about it when I'm old and grey. The album is the best thing that has ever happened to the West Coast rap! -South Africa.

    Black cotton | Reviewer: Obodo
        ------ About the album Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) performed by 2Pac

    Black cotton a simbol for unrewarded strugle,Tu pac is talking how he sofered from the hands of those devils.any time am reading that lyric it touchs my heart 'couse it looks like my situation.R I P Tu Pac sharkur the father of hardcore rap,i hope u are not dead,u are Alive.

    Hail mary makaveli | Reviewer: Armbow shakur veli
        ------ About the album Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) performed by 2Pac

    I really think that dix album is a great one,xo poppy nd touchy,pac really stood for what he believd and now d fckd up illuminists have killed him or have they??,i believe he is coming bck to fuck 'em up...hail mary almost scary bt it'll make u marry d verzes

    live and die in la | Reviewer: louis amela
        ------ About the album Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) performed by 2Pac

    pac who worked with suge knight 4 years and knowing things were being controlled by the allumiti whom he looked at as being wicked and evil;he saw that this group was trying 2 take over the music industry so he used the word killuminati ;meaning that d alluminati thing should be killed.he tried exposing them so they killed him.this was a replical of michael jackson's case too.

    "Killuminati" | Reviewer: Spade
        ------ About the album Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) performed by 2Pac

    As everyone already knows, Tupac was a very artistic man. Sometimes it is hard to interpret his vision. I believe that Tupac's definition of illuminati is not satanists, but people who have high authority and see themselves as "god". What he meant by the phrase "Killuminati" was to overthrow these people who pull strings and appear to be holy, when they are actually corrupt, and make the U.S.A. a country where one's ethnicity, sexual preference, or religious beliefs do not determine if they are rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, or happy or unhappy.

    R.I.P. Tupac

    2pacalypse. You know | Reviewer: IMaps
        ------ About the album Resurrection performed by 2Pac

    2pac dominated much in hiphop like no other dude has, and i feel sorry to see some other niggas who are like "2pac is overrated" i knw its not them talking it must be the ignorance or mental disorder. I cant spend the whole day without listening to his songs he inspires me. #IMaps via Malawi

    Pac the real rapper. | Reviewer: H.I.Barkindo Humsi
        ------ About the album Resurrection performed by 2Pac

    2pac is a truly rapper of all d time whose rap differs 4rm any oda fake rappers. Imagine hw he prophesiz his dead and America wll hav a black president in hs songs shed so many tears & changes. This is hw d young rapper (25yrs old) shine d world wth rap musics mainly focus on: hardship, racism, fame, sex and war against hs enemies. Only time can say somthn concerning his dead o livn. Ur niggie 4rm Nairaland.

    A Tibute to Tupac (A true story) | Reviewer: John Pursell
        ------ About the album Me Against The World performed by 2Pac

    Tribute to Tupac (A true story)

    Stepson 17 found his Cd,
    By a rapper on the TV.

    And since you might be think in I'm white and I was thinking that it ain't right!

    But before you judge me,
    Better listen to the story!

    I had to listen just to be sure
    To determine if he need cured!

    So I popped it in, and it played,
    Want forget the words of that day!

    Dear Mama was the song I heard,
    But so much more, than just words!

    No one ever heard that song,
    Could deny, words of love, that strong!

    Now I'm the one keepin it real
    Dear Mama is the way I feel!

    Best friends since the penitentiary
    (That's right)
    Mom and Dad were both there
    For me!

    So when his father passed and he didn't cry,
    I did, and I can't lie!

    No one should have to feel that pain!
    Hold on for a brighter day!

    Though our worlds, were far apart,
    Our things in common, touched my heart!

    And that day was a game changer
    Cause It gave me love for a stranger!

    Now with different eyes I see,
    Cause Tupac's song really changed me!
    You are appreciated!


    makaveli is alive people believe it 7day thoery he planned plotted an stratagized it all | Reviewer: showinb
        ------ About the album Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) performed by 2Pac

    I Think people 2pac plotted the whole thing he knew that the only way 4 him 2 b finaly free an 2 earn his keep in the rap game was 2 evade his enemies an 2 make 6 digit figures he knew that deathrow was robbing him of his taking frm the album sales cops wanted his head media foes an the crips the east side I think the ony way 4 him 2 finally achieve was 2 construct a well devised plan an 2 make it sound believeable I know he some where out there relaxing counting all the stacks of cash he made frm the album

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