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2Pac (Tupac Shakur)-Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) Cover
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Release Date: 05/05/2000
Tracks in Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli): Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply), Hail Mary, Toss It Up, To Live and Die in LA, Blasphemy, Life Of An Outlaw, Just Like Daddy, Krazy, White Man's World, Me And My Girlfriend, Hold Ya Head, Against All Odds

Don Killuminati-7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) Album Tracklist

Black cotton | Reviewer: Obodo | 3/2/14

Black cotton a simbol for unrewarded strugle,Tu pac is talking how he sofered from the hands of those devils.any time am reading that lyric it touchs my heart 'couse it looks like my situation.R I P Tu Pac sharkur the father of hardcore rap,i hope u are not dead,u are Alive.

Hail mary makaveli | Reviewer: Armbow shakur veli | 1/9/14

I really think that dix album is a great one,xo poppy nd touchy,pac really stood for what he believd and now d fckd up illuminists have killed him or have they??,i believe he is coming bck to fuck 'em up...hail mary almost scary bt it'll make u marry d verzes

live and die in la | Reviewer: louis amela | 12/26/13

pac who worked with suge knight 4 years and knowing things were being controlled by the allumiti whom he looked at as being wicked and evil;he saw that this group was trying 2 take over the music industry so he used the word killuminati ;meaning that d alluminati thing should be killed.he tried exposing them so they killed him.this was a replical of michael jackson's case too.

"Killuminati" | Reviewer: Spade | 12/23/13

As everyone already knows, Tupac was a very artistic man. Sometimes it is hard to interpret his vision. I believe that Tupac's definition of illuminati is not satanists, but people who have high authority and see themselves as "god". What he meant by the phrase "Killuminati" was to overthrow these people who pull strings and appear to be holy, when they are actually corrupt, and make the U.S.A. a country where one's ethnicity, sexual preference, or religious beliefs do not determine if they are rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, or happy or unhappy.

R.I.P. Tupac

makaveli is alive people believe it 7day thoery he planned plotted an stratagized it all | Reviewer: showinb | 10/18/13

I Think people 2pac plotted the whole thing he knew that the only way 4 him 2 b finaly free an 2 earn his keep in the rap game was 2 evade his enemies an 2 make 6 digit figures he knew that deathrow was robbing him of his taking frm the album sales cops wanted his head media foes an the crips the east side I think the ony way 4 him 2 finally achieve was 2 construct a well devised plan an 2 make it sound believeable I know he some where out there relaxing counting all the stacks of cash he made frm the album

King pac | Reviewer: Vutivi martin baloyi | 8/31/13

King pac u made hip hop to be what it is todae bcoz of u .without u hip hop wuldn't be as it is nw .anyway king pac (the most respected real G) REST IN PEACE THE FATHER OF HIP HOP

Letter to my unborn child | Reviewer: Felix polo | 8/16/13

*All tupac work is clean*tupac beg 4 God mercy on his unborn children,dat there is no more a play in de hood.for dat he must revenge de agony they did to him ,by his only friend*bt mum always on nagging*tupac told de mum not 2 worry dat he's a man on his own now,and must make it on his on without an handout**tupac was a poet

Hail Mary | Reviewer: Herbert | 6/15/13

I think this album is the opener for those who want fame and fortune .I mean that Makaveli talked truth and exposed Illuminati and he was directly against it.This song 'Hail Mary ' he propheted about his death and he prayed for strength and courage to face death bravely.Illuminati cruxified him like Jesus was cruxified by Illuminati owner Satan.

Splitter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/13

Tupac knew about the illiuminati and he was ok with it bt he had enough of all the groase things which other artis did or demanded on him e.g gay sex,druggs and he let it be nown on tapes thats when he was killed..killuminati is symbol or an ido which pac whanted to make his own statue of power for other people to worship

Against All Odds | Reviewer: hate2lose | 10/8/12

ok 2pac message to his fans was no matter what wall they put in front of him he always found a way to win Against All Odds so if theirs a will than theirs a way! much respect and love to MR.MAKAVELI THA DON !!! THUG LIFE MOB

EXPLANATION | Reviewer: MISSRuBy | 2/1/11

This was, in my opinion, TuPac's most heartfelt album ever. The album that gave us honest insight on his discoveries of becoming a new man. I did a full breakdown of the lyrics in "BLASPHEMY" on Pieced Apart too ( www.youtube.com/MLSSRuBy ) R.I.P. Makaveli!

Jewish radicals who own everything | Reviewer: illament | 6/7/10

It's not about the Jews. Illuminati are pagans and satanist. They are ancient from the time when Idol worship was prominent and thought to have been expelled with the advent of Christianity. instead they have infiltrated the Church and Pop Culture slowly and use it to desensitize people according to their lifestlyle.

all about the the don killumanati | Reviewer: sikwana a.k.a napolean | 9/16/09

many people i mean the fans of 2pac shakur they really dont what the don killuminati means to them but this album clearly states what it means and in addition tell us about 2pac believed in jesus and christainaty.....

Makaveli/illuminati | Reviewer: Baines | 1/11/09

Now when this album first come out I just turned 18 years of age, but it seems I was still too young to understand what this album is all about maybe we'l never know, although its clear 2Pac was still very much angered by what had gone on 2 years before, Interseting now is the whole Illuminati thing which has plugged a great gap about what this album is, about nothing to trust & Pac's scary mind state, So if you know what the Illuminati are then its quite simple as I did't know at 18, I've been in deep discussion as I've not been a big 2Pac fan, more NaS so I've put this to all the hardcore pac fans if I'd wanna get anyone into NaS I'd give them ILLMATIC, (prob the best hip-hop album for meny) 2Pac'S Equeal is the MAKAVELI album, Dark brutal, everything you could ask for in a gangstar rap album, onelove to all fans

R.I.P TUPAC they'l never be another!!!best believe

Killuminati | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/08

Tupac is warning us about those devil worshipin illuminati pigs! They killed tupac because he found out the truth, Jewish radicals who own everything............get ready people! Poor tupac, he died just like jesus, learn your history black people and prepare for the worst! Bomb first!

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