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2Gether is a story of the formation of a boy band singing
sensations 2Gether, and their loving and lovable manager,
Bob Buss.

Bob Buss, whose career was on the rocks, is challenged to
put a boy band together in just six days, so that he can
show he's still got what it takes. After discovering the
talented and hunky Jerry in a parking lot, the two hit the
road in search of the remaining four members of this

What follows, as they discover Mickey, their bad boy, QT,
their young and vulnerable boy, Chad, their knockout hot More...

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i Love 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 2gether performed by 2Gether

i love 2GETHER I'Ve loved them since like elementry man they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

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