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Big Daddy Kane 28 Bars Of Kane Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2013 04:26:41 AM

On streets of Brooklyn see this kid looking
tighten MJ’s, white us a man gray
you’re sure to see a pair of Jordans threes
now you wanna talk legendary, talk to me
some break rackets, so no one forget em,
but we don’t break rackets, we the ones to sound
what’s in the legend we cut em..perfection,
but one obsession for stayin’ on the top of his profession
and if it ain’t broke, we don’t fix it in
no remixes, no prefixes
and if it ain’t hot we ain’t rapping in,
you ain’t gettin’ no hash shappin,
half court lames that could never play your fall
and a little game just to see what they can pour
a wolf and she building on a lion to your.. war
you wanna be like mike, just say the ball
many try to stick em, many try to pick em and think slow
you make your D sounding like jank co
a broken ankle and now you text slow,
on knock chain but homie not came for sure
except for death, I’m the boy specimen roll on to test em in
it’s the change of regiment,
spittin to the brat or eat em to ..
you wanna see the magic all I need is just a pen,
..they say thus far, you can ask eyes of cuban
how you greed the star,
you ask 16 I went way too far,
and I gave you 28 just to raise the bars.