2 Skinnee J's Albums

  • Sexy Karate Album (4/8/2003)
    Get in the Van
    Deal of the Century
    One Summer
    Who Wants This?
    Inside My Room
    I Can't Hear You?
    Friends Don't Let Friends Listen to Rap Metal (Force Remix)
    Change the World
    Love Like Mountains
    Next Big Thing

  • Volumizer Album (9/12/2000)
    Horns of Destruction
    3 Minutes
    Grown Up
    Girl With the World in Her Eyes
    Big Beat Evangelists
    Brew Ha Ha!
    Lost and Found
    Pass the Buck
    Lemon Drop
    Sugar & Candy
    Loud Neighbors
    Coming Home

  • Super Mercado Album (4/14/1998)
    Wild Kingdom
    The Best
    Ball Point Man
    Sergeant Stiletto
    The Whammy
    You're a Champion
    The Good, the Bad, the Skinnee
    Riot Nrrrd
    Organic Machine

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