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2 Skinnee J's Biography

Last updated: 10/06/2000 11:16:14 PM

Around 1990, a crude form of 2 Skinnee J's was assembled of 9 guys from brooklyn NY. The line up consisted of Special J and J Slim on vocals, Andy Action on drums, Eddie Eyeball on bass, DJ Casper on the keyboard, General Viturbo on guitar, Small Wonder on trombone, Funky Dollar Bill on trumpet, and Robba Shanks played the saxophone. Together they recorded the EP 'Six Songs for Five Bucks' (1992).
Before recording their second EP 'American Heros,' Stevie Spice (a very important character) replaced Small Wonder on trombone.

Later, A.J. 'Stumpy' Johnson allegedly won the band in poker game and began to oversee the band's progress. Like the tyrant he is, he fired J Slim and General Viturbo in an effort to further his financial prospects. J Guevara took over for J Slim and King Vitamin was hired for guitar. Spice also began doing samples in addition to his trombone work. The result of all these changes was 'Return of the New and Improved' (1996)

Before recording 'Sing, Earthboy, Sing' (1997), DJ Casper, Funky Dollar Bill, and Robba Shanks were brutally cut from the line up, and Stevie Spice took over keyboard duties. A. Mays replaced King Vitamin as guitarist. The J's kept this line up for the recording of 'Sing, Earthboy, Sing' and 'Supermercado' (1998). If you're confused, at this point 2 Skinnee J's were:

Special J, J Guevara - vocals

Eddie Eyeball - bass

Stevie Spice - keyboards, samples

Andy Action - drums

A. Mays - guitar
After the release of 'Supermercado,' A. Mays was replaced by Power Lance on guitar, and, in an event that shocked and disappointed J's fans all over the world, Andy Action, an original member from the very beginning, was fired on October 11, 1999 (my birthday). The details surrounding Andy's departure are being kept between the members out of respect for Andy.

With new guitarist Lance and new drummer ???????? the J's recorded 'Volumizer' (2000). Although the album has been completed for some time now, it has not been released due to the implosion of Capricorn Records. They are now signed to Volcano Records. The future of the 2 Skinnee J's is indeterminable, but hopefully the volatility of member changes will reduce. After hearing the new album (available on napster) I hope they can keep this line-up because the music is great.

Thanks to lisa for submitting the biography.