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Shakira 1968 Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2012 11:00:00 AM

Dime quién conocía
Qué era entonces la vida
Andaba el mundo en plan de hallar la libertad
Y rechazar lo que el mundo les imponía

Dime quién encendía
Toda esa rebeldía
Ruseau y Luther King, Sartre y Gagarín
Qué es lo que me perdí cuando yo no existía?

Allá no fue mentira

Sin miedos liberemos nuestros sueños
Y vamos a recorrer por eses tiempos

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shaki | Reviewer: memeto mori | 6/23/2008

oo yeah... Brujeria is great! I adore Shaki too and I think that all her songs are very good. The less I like her first album - Magia.. or.. well, anyway I've never listened it all, maybe it's too hard for me;-) Anyway - I still think Shakira is one of the most important artist in the music world, and Peligro album shows how long way she overcame to become real star. In 1993 nobody really believed that she will be famous in every country in the future.

1968 | Reviewer: edwin | 4/7/2008

hello i'm edwin from italy.i love shakira and i think that i'm her best fun.however i want only to say that this song don't like me so much 'cause i prefere another shakira's tipe of music the songs between"pies descalzos" and "launry service".however these peligro's songs are good too(particulary peligro and brujeria)