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16 Volt Biography

Last updated: 07/19/2004 09:43:24 PM

16 Volt was conceived in the late 1980's by vocalist/songwriter Eric
Powell. Eric, a graduate of studio engineering and production, wanted a
band that combined dance music with the instinct and aggression of punk.
He began his project solo, writing all the music and lyrics for 16 VOLT's
first recording "Imitation". Eric released Imitation on his own label Ink
Head, in 1990. The four track single was immediately met with high
acclaim by college radio and numerous underground fanzines across the
country. The song "Motorskill" was chosen for the compilation "The
Cyberflesh Conspiracy" (released by If It Moves Records), and 16 VOLT
was on its way. Motorskill proved to be one of the more well received
tracks on the record and with improved distribution, praise came from
abroad as well as nationally.

About this time, Eric relocated to Portland, Oregon and shortly
afterward signed with Re-Constriction/Cargo Records. For his next record,
"Wisdom" Eric enlisted the production and engineering skills of David
Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Babes in Toyland, Nine Inch Nails), and Keith
"Fluffy" Auerbach (Ministry, L7, Skrew, Thrill Kill Kult). The material
was recorded at Whitehorse in Portland and at the infamous Chicago Trax
Studios. The full-length Wisdom was released in May 1993 featuring an
updated version of Motorskill. The critically acclaimed Wisdom album
quickly established 16 VOLT as a nationally recognized act.

In the beginning of 1995 16 VOLT released the skin album. in the first
few months of release the album had already gained such accomplishments as
number 2 in the march issue of the rolling stone alternative charts,
features in alternative press, hit parader, b-side, access, and many
others. the album had proven once again that 16 VOLT was on it's way to
becoming a staple in the electronic music genre.

After years of experimenting with various incarnations of the band,
Eric has teamed up with Von VinHasa who is responsible for drums and
sampling. Eric handles the vocals, sampling, keyboards, programming, and
guitars. 16 VOLT has since appeared on several more compilations and
soundtracks and has been busy touring and performing select shows in the
u.s. with the likes of bile, korn, and skrew and has done several
headlining tours and shows on the west coast and upper u.s. 16 Volt is
currently working on an EP slated for January 1996 release.

As an important element of the "new breed" of bands emerging from
the electronic music scene, 16 Volt has created a refreshing momentum
that cannot be stopped.