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Jamie Foxx 15 Minutes Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2011 11:00:00 AM

15 minutes

Excuse me but I was wondering when,
You was gon speak 'cause I saw you lookin,
Back to the wall talking to all your friends,
Thinking out loud did he see me again
Let me find out, you ain't gettin that lovin like you should
Let me find out, baby put me down, like you know I would,
Girl I know just what you're looking for,
Girl I know just you need,
Aint you're tired of all the foolishness,
Girl you need to be fucking with me,
Come and find out, what's the real reason why they be running they mouth,
Come and find out, what's all the hooplah what's all the buzzin about
Cause baby, you can get it, you can get it,
Tell me just say the word and I'm gon give it,
I'm not wasting your time, running my mind sending lines, just sayin what's on my mind.

If you give me 15 minutes I'll make you feel like a woman tonight,
All I need is 15 minutes to take you on the ride of your life,
Baby, all I need is 15 minutes anymore than that will kill the vibe,
'Cause I bet you after 15 minutes, you need another 15, another 15 minutes to love.

Its about to get crazy, about to go down,
Seems like your ready for the first round,
Hope you can handle what I give out
To see the scandal you stick around, is done now,
Baby hold on to me don't let go,
Don't act shy now, promise you will be back begging for more,
Im throwing that DS, Im doin my thang
You're looking back like I'm crazy derange
Told you to deal told you this ain't a game,
You screamin out like you're going insane.

Oooh, finally getting what you deserve,
You can breath now, givin you all of me that's my word,
Cause baby you can get it, you can get it,
Tell me to just say the word and Im gon kill it,
I'm not wasting your time, running my mind sellin lines,
To say what it's on my mind.


Time to re-up, time for my second wind
Time to go in, that was just the beginning,
Baby by now you should already know
Knew what it was when you walked through the door,
Lets' get this goin all night,
I promise it will be all right.


Do you want another 15 minutes, (it don't take long when you know what you're doing)
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