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The Fatima Mansions 13th Century Boy Lyrics

Last updated: 08/15/2001 01:18:35 AM

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Let the dark ages!

You don't live the way you should
You're not chaste or wise or good
Oh no, when you're human
I wait for you, my queen
I keep myself ready clean like my maker--against nature
I needn't worry about all the wars out there
The price of fish and all the ineffective hygiene

You are the reason why I've reached perfection
You are the reason why I try to tend this fertile void
I'm a 13th century boy

These are heroic times
so thumb your nose at years gone by
Be hardened...we're a legend
Now love keeps the country green
I know because I've seen the pictures
in this week's scriptures

All I know is that I feel you coming near
All you need know is that your [prophet elector] is waiting--CHORUS

You are the reason why I live forever
You are the reason why I learned to love the void
Oh, I'm a 13th century boy
Oh, I'm a New Dark Ages boy
I'm a 13th century boy

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