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Blink-182 13 Miles Lyrics

Last updated: 06/02/2009 11:00:00 AM

13 miles down the road lives a young boy
he's got jet black hair and blue-green eyes
and he's mine
and every now and then, he and I
would sit together on the porch
and I take off his pants
and I fuck him from behind

And I love him for his heart and soul
and I love his wrinkled scrotum too
so if you see us passing by
on some dreary rainy day
take a look at the young boy
and his naked asshole

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courageous stuff?? | Reviewer: tim ziegler | 11/8/2007

well obviously you dont know much about blink 182... theyre not gay. nor are they politcal.... its all a joke, and you missed it by about 13 miles.

Tom | Reviewer: Jordan | 10/20/2007

I think Mark(bass+vocals) wrote this song about Tom (guitar+vocals) because just look at it. Jet-black hair and blue-green eyes? And I don't think he'd write it about a random person...

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/2007

Either that or it's the traditional Blink 182 humor and means nothing deeper than that, he has sex with the guy down the road.

Courageous stuff | Reviewer: loren | 9/9/2005

I'm not sure I like the music, which is pretty raw and unstructured, but I sure admire the courage of this band, or this singer, not only in writing this but in performing it live, and challenging his audience to accept what it is talking about. It comes on like in-your-face crudity for its own sake, but in fact it's far more than that ... it's a very uncompromising statement about the reality of love, and it shouts out loud that it's ok to love someone no matter who they are, that it's ok to love a young boy, if he loves you back, and that thus kids too have the human right to love and make love if they wish. That's a fairly bold (and generally unacceptable) political and social statement on the whole. Ten out of ten for the courage to say it so bluntly.