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13 Faces Biography

Last updated: 02/16/2004 08:10:49 PM

13 FACES is a hardcore/metal band representing Cleveland, Ohio. 13 Faces is Rob Runt(vocals), John Comprix(guitars), Bryan Trembley(bass), and Jeff Curenton(drums). These are the 4 that make up the one voice that is 13 FACES.

13 FACES' mission is to represent another style of hardcore/metal music. We feel hardcore music is the purest, most real form of music there is. Direct, abrasive, aggressive, that is hardcore, that is 13 FACES. We attack real issues everyone faces and that need to be addressed.

We want to bring hardcore music to the forefront and to the masses of mainstream America and beyond!

Thanks to 13 Faces for submitting the biography.