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The Game 120 Bars (Stop Snitching, Stop Lyin) Lyrics

Last updated: 05/31/2010 11:00:00 AM

Baby this is real shit
my record sell slow imma show you my dick (reapets 7x)

[The Game]
Hit a breakdown
No 400 bars yet, I don't need that
I'm gas, your whole click is ass, I mean that.
G-Unot cocksucker, better believe that
I say it one time, watch the whole world scream back
G-U-N-O-T, now thats for Billboard, rest in peace
And since my nigga died, I been stress no sleep
Contemplating suicide in my Lexus jeep
I tried twice but I couldn't make my death complete
I guess you could say Mya got the best of me
Came back from the dead to address the beef
Kiss my converse bitch and accept defeat
Cause I hate it when bullies try to test the weak
Thats when I go bishop and juice and start flexin heat
You could get it in the stomach just like Raheem
Cause running with a snitch is not quite my thing
I tried to take Buck with me, but he stayed on the scene
Guess all I can do now is pray for Supreme
While I finish my next album, 5 million and countin
Anticipating, tellin the world I did it without him
If Aftermath was a family that didn't have a mother
I'd be Dre's newborn, you'd be the jealous older brother
Yea, daddy love us but in the meanwhile
You talkin behind his back and in his face you smile
You moved out the house, You a failure now
And lil' Game grew up to be a problem child
I whip yo head boy, that's for Kanye West
I whip yo head boy, with the back of my tech
Yeap, your fuckin group fell flat without me
You mad, what you gonna do rap about me?
Your bars is park garbage, hooks is mediocre
And your new shoes look like Reebok pennyloafers
Try to walk in my shoes a block
Hurricanes in stores the day after Christmas, nigga fuck Reeboks
You a steroid addict, you need Detox
Hopefully you make it out in time to be on Detox
Cause BlackWallstreet expandin, yea I bought 3 blocks
My CL so smooth, it should of came with Pete Rock
And lets not forget who made me hot
It was Dr. Dre that took me out the weed spot.
You want credit, forget it, I did it on my own
Gave you 300 bars, then said I'm gone
But I'm back, this is rap and a fact is a fact
They say once you turn snitch, you never go back
Heres a picture of Ja Rule, motherfucker hold that
What goes around comes around, get used to the gold plaques
Homie got cheese, but he dont feed no rats
I show the world my dick if Lloyd Banks go plat
I'm lyrically insane, Lloyd Banks know that
He told me I was like a Big Daddy Kane throwback
Started with 1 brick, built my own company
And don't spread news about it unless it come from me
Guess whos the boss, nigga my squad deep

But Glasses Malone is not signed to BlackWallstreet
Nigga don't, don't, don't, don't, don't believe the hype
Hear that Mike?
And don't be alarmed, this is not a diss
But missusing my logo kinda got me pissed
And I got enough beef, now Lil' Eazy dissin
He don't write his own raps, so I gotta forgive him
I got love for ya pops and I always will
So on behalf of Eric Wright, my nigga you gotta chill
I'm the reason you new westcoast nigga's got a deal
While I was doin mixtapes, they was watching College Hill
For real, you mothafucka's ain't got half my skill
I run this shit like OJ and pass for the bills
Trying so hard to be a gangsta, nigga you seethrough
Posing like 50 on the cover of the GQ
Button up shirt with the cut off sleeves
I got twin desert eagles, nigga suck on these
I got that CEO flow, yea my bars are sweet
Like Hova in Takeover, chewin out Mobb Deep
Like Pac on Hit Em Up, chewin out Mobb Deep
Don't one of you niggas got sickas, fuck your talk is cheap
When I see you, and I'm gonna see you
Imma strip you down asshole naked and thats how Imma leave you
Then Imma find Havoc, make him walk through Queens nude
With Black Wallstreet tattooed on his back
Nigga's signed to G-unit, now they bustin guns
But last week it was: "My nigga Game, what up dun?"
See thats what the fuck I mean, you can't trust these rap niggas
And you wonder why I always say fuck these rap niggas
So Imma break it down for MC's and friends
If you don't hear your name, let the beef begin
Ain't got shit against Hov, I like the nigga style
Nas is my nigga, I been bangin him for a while
I fuck with Fat Joe, he got the streets locked
And thats the same reason I fuck with Kiss and D-Block
Place Eminem in the number 3 spot
And Snoop is like my big brother, we both raised by the Doc.
Young Jeezy you hot, we both new to this
While I'm in the ATL, shout out to Ludacris
Cause your uncle Scarface show me that crime pays
Just like Paul Wall got me "sittin sideways"
And I can't forget about the homie Mike Jones
Who? Mike Jones, Skeet screw the fuckin song
I fuck with Slim Thug and my nigga Bun B
Can't do that without saying free pimp c
And thats the reason why 50 try to pimp me
So I went window shoppin and bought 2 Bentlys
I'm in the drivers seat, motherfucker don't tempt me
Turnin Spider Loc against me, cause your scared to come get me
Cuz know whats up, Bloods still got love for em'
Come to the block, I'll shake off the rub for em'
Ask for G-unit, motherfucker its a rap
Ma$e made it out alive, thank God for that
If Dipset don't get you, Jesse Jackson will
And if all else fails, I'll see you in hell
Wear that G-unit spinner when you come to L.A.
I have a nigga parkin cars, dressed up like valet
He gonna turn back pastor when the gun in his face
The real chain still in Chicago when I'm takin the fake
You can call who you want, I ain't givin back shit
Unless Olivia show the whole world she got a dick
Can't seem to save her life, but she talk a lot of shit
And I want my 10 G's cause Yayo caught a brick
I guess my G-Unot tattoo was a smart move
Cause in the end you lost a 100 Mil. to a cartoon
3 years after you got tatted by cartoon
The beef is over, G-Unit is gonna fall apart soon

Faggot ass niggas
I guess I win nigga
Life is a game of chess nigga...
Some King, Some Queens
Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Pastor fuckin Ma$e
You niggas is pawns
50, or Boo Boo, or Curtis, or Chicken Little, Hahaha
Stop Snitchin, Stop Lying!, In Stores December 6th
The DVD, Its a tell all motherfuckers
Yea, my documentaries be better than your movies nigga, Hahaha
I drove by your house nigga
Go buy the DVD, $16,99 nigga
At your local record store, Blockbuster, Sam Goody, Warehouse
Shout out to the moms and pops, for helping me slay dem faggots.
G-gu-g-g-gu, G-gu-g-g-gu, G-gu-g-g-gu, G-UNOT! Hahahaha
Pop off nigga, Hahahaha, Pop off
It's me, The G-A-M-E, gone

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GAME 4 LIFE | Reviewer: Undadog | 5/31/10

Wow, firstly ya'll gotsa rekognyze tha talent ryt here, Game is killin it wit lyrics dat explode on contact. 50 is a home-madd rapper cant freestyle at all, Game is tha only rapper keepin it reeal 4 tha streets, really, eva since Pac died no rapper cud bring such talent to tha world and now Game is tha saviour of gangsta rap. Hova raps for tha market (kids in school that hav no idea wat hip hop/rap history is all about since dayz of NWA and Public Enemy), Kanye West fakes his own voice using computer generated voice such as in Love Lockdown dats as wack as Jacko goin white, Lil Jon is a noise maker truly no talent, Snoop is faded talent and tha rest are all are eitha tryin too hard to keep up or not tryin hard enuff. We need mor Game's and Pac's!

the game is da best rapper ever | Reviewer: b.i.g smokes | 1/24/08

the game rips up all the ends got more bars then 50 got teech and 50 talks shit the game talks abot life and his life his like 2 pac and biggie eazy e all u r i p anywayz manchester saying peace and safe b.i.g smokes

GGG GUNOT | Reviewer: TIZER IVSQUAD | 10/5/07

this song iz fuckn sicc. 50 cent fuckn blows this song murders any 50 song. 50 cents best song couldnt even match wit games worst. it doesnt matter how many ppl game disses hes got shit on lock! no one can touch him wether ur crip blood sureno or 18th street it doesnt matter!! BWS GGGG GUNOT


this shits crack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

this nikka is a fuking monster the dude under me gay lmao man you dont understand it man he trying to play em out except nas he saying they chilling but i guess you roll with the cops faggot

read the lyrics | Reviewer: mike | 7/11/07

ill admit its alright, but theres some borderline gay lyrics in here. LITERALLY. talking about making niggas walk around naked and been fuckin nas for a while. wow

Guess who's back | Reviewer: 120 bars | 6/29/07

Fuck fify and g-unit.. they don't keep it real. they talk shit.. Game has skills

Blackwallstreet fo life

The Game is back | Reviewer: B Real | 6/10/07

Snitches like 50 have no place in society
The Game is now king of the industry
GGGGG-Unot,This the best rap I ever heard.But I wonder ,is it a freestyle??Whatever The Game is the new westcoast greatest.

The real king of Hip Hip | Reviewer: Bojj Ali | 2/28/07

This guy here is one talented motherfucker, and he is most definately ruling the music industry right now without a doubt, and i'm sure that everyone agrees that he will do so for the next 10-15 years, i got inspired by this dudes lyrical ability on the documentary, he is most definately the base of the hip hop industry, and for 50, ,well the guys got some good hooks but he definately needs to sort his image out as a gangsta rapper than a fuckin pimp, if it carries on like this then i don't think anybody can compete with the game, and i love his new album the doctors advocate especially the track "one night", it just another version of "start from scratch" which is a classic, also the video to wouldn't get far is heavy, keep it up game, love seeing you tear other fuckers apart with words, also will you please hook up with Dre again, coz you an unstoppable force when you two are working together, can't wait for the next album, keep it real homie!!!!!!!!!

Good Shit | Reviewer: Game Jr. | 8/12/06

Game is hard, he probly knoes he gonna die for this but thats his choice and g-unit just got ripped it will never be the same haha 50 sucks, just to remind u game did the longest rap without breaks or nething...300 bars n runnin

THE GAME LIVE | Reviewer: NWA | 5/30/06

THE GAME; This brother here is deep, he been hurt, and he ain't lying down until he gets this off his chest. The crew will never be the same. What happened to brother love. 2 mcuh hatred in da world.