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For 12 STONES, rural Mandeville, Louisiana provided the
environment that brought the band together and groomed a
sound that mirrors the best of Modern Rock while tipping
its hat to elements indigenous to Mandeville and the rural
Deep South. Though the members of 12 STONES are young in
years, they are undeniably robust with songwriting prowess
and musical ability. The band's debut is powerful and
aggressive, but at the same time seething with anthemic
qualities and melody that surely will enrapture listeners
upon first listen. The More...

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Review about 12 Stones songs
Cheating? | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Lie To Me performed by 12 Stones

In this song, I think he's saying that he's disgusted with his girlfriend/spouse perhaps that person cheated on him and he's saying "lie to me once again and tell me everything will be alright." He wants things to be well, but I think there's an understanding deep down in his heart that all will not be well in the end.

Admitting to the Truth. | Reviewer: Belteshazzah
    ------ About the song Broken performed by 12 Stones

I just came across this lyrics and my heart gave in, and reading the above comment, I knew that I need to listen to this song.
12 Stones has always been a blessing from God to me ever since I listened to "Lie to Me" and "The Way I Feel" I knew that these guys must have even more songs of encouragement to offer this WORLD of ours that is falling apart.
Just like the song said, we must all come to accept the TRUTH that there is a God out there...there has to be a God out there. If cults like the FREE MASON, ILLUMINATI, BONES N SKULLS etc are real, then GOD must also be real.
The TRUTH still remains that human efforts have a limit and we all need some supernatural backup to excel...you can cling to anything you see as your backup but as for me I choose GOD and he alone I will always call to my rescue whenever I feel BROKEN and ALONE.

note | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Way I Feel performed by 12 Stones

This song really just has to do with how he wants to get back to Jesus because he is done with going through the same steps in his life. This song has nothing to do with all of our love lifes just the one that you do or don't have with God...

mysavior | Reviewer: eye_n_d_rain
    ------ About the song The Way I Feel performed by 12 Stones

the first time i heard the song i didn't really focus on the lyrics, i thought it was just like many other songs talking bout broken relationships, i was just amazed of its tune so i searched its lyrics on the net, it was then that i found out that it is not just a simple song...it is about me making my way back to God.

Awesome ! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We Are One performed by 12 Stones

This is awesome, I only discovered this song because of WWE, The Nexus... But until then I woudn't stop singing it, but of course my lyrics weren't correct and I give this song 5 stars, and so is the site ! Hopin' for more !!

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 3 Leaf Loser performed by 12 Stones

Just because it's a Christian band, doesn't mean it's telling you to go find God. It clearly says "look inside yourself". I disagree with Kevin (previous comment). For some people looking inside themselves means God, for some it doesn't. I think they're a very tolerant, God-loving Christian band who doesn't shove faith in your face. They celebrate faith as a whole.

That being said, "life is a lesson, take what you're given" seems to mean, to me, to accept what you're dealt, good and bad. Happiness grows in direct proportion to your acceptance. Etc. Not necessarily what Kevin stated.

Creepy good | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Waiting for Yesterday performed by 12 Stones

These lyrics describe exactly what I'm going through right now with my ex. It's weird, I was listening to Potter's Field and thinking "I wonder if and what he thinks about me now." And then this song came on, like an answer.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song World So Cold performed by 12 Stones

Its "I don't believe the world can be saved" changes the meaning just a little.

But as for the song, i dont usually like the ballad/slow sons Rockbands put on their albums, but every once in awhile a great one comes out that just touches your heart.

This is one of those songs.

This is right up their with Skillets Lucy and Disciples Things Left Unsaid, amazing and powerful.

"i cant breathe when your not here" | Reviewer: bailey
    ------ About the song Hey Love performed by 12 Stones

i bought this cd the day it came out. all of there songs i just feel in my heart, in my body, in my soul. i have never heard an entire cd iv liked. until 12 stones came out with anthem for the underdog. i love it. i just absolutely love it.and this song makes me warm all aroung and feel hopeful for that one love i will someday find.

BREAKING NEWS | Reviewer: johnny
    ------ About the song Far Away performed by 12 Stones

I first heard this song on MUSIC CHOICE, to me this song makes you think to yourself about finding your life in the right place and blaming the devil for following your life to mess it up.12 STONES is a christian rock band for sure........ check out their lyrics THE WAY I FEEL, its a conversation to god......

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