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The hour of reckoning draws near
Judgment day is here and gone
Sweetly she tucks me into her arms
A liquid embrace to chase the day away
Sedate numb, deaf and dumb
Stumbling into solitude
A clouded judgment day is fueled
Take me under your black wings
Mark my words and remember me
So sweetly she sucks away at my time
So sweetly she draws me nigh
Closer and closer towards never ending sleep
Spin the bottle
Kiss only the bottle
The dark mistress of many, beholden to none
Slips a ring of needles around your arm in an engagement
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Eternal engagement
Never consummated
Never consummated
Take me under your black wings
Mark my words and remember me
Destroyer of senses
So take as needed for the pain
Another gray morning dawns across an ashen sky
My sweet demoness beckons me
Ever again and again and again and again
The dark mistress of many, beholden to none
My sweet demoness beckons me
Ever again and again and again and again
Take me under your black wings
Jacked up on the taste of self-destruction

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george orwells 1984 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/12

1984 sucked dick. So did animal farm. So did Burmese days. All of his works focus on political parallels and implications, not on story. As a consequence, the stories all suck dick, and your opinions do too.

not only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/10

It's not only about alchohol. It's about any type of substance abuse:

The dark mistress of many, beholden to none
Slips a ring of needles around your arm in an engagement
Eternal engagement

Destroyer of senses
So take as needed for the pain

Last I checked you dont shoot up alchohol and pills are take as needed, says it on most pain killer bottles. Either way when you go down those types of paths the result is the same. You become "married" to your substance just as you would in a relationship when you fall in love, it's all that matters and all you think you need. Also, those were not orders to ship out, if you look closely it's about his discharge.

THIS IS A DRINKING SONG | Reviewer: PHO3N1X | 3/22/10

Yeah, this is clearly a drinking song; more specifically, a song about being an alcoholic, in my opinion.
The video contains many war-related images, and I believe that this stands to show the harsh reality of returning from deployment and trying to readjust to home life, and how many turn to alcohol so that they just don't have to think about it.
As a soldier who has fought in OIF, I think I can safely say that I am not the only one who has experienced "a liquid embrace to chase the day away"
lyrically and musically an absolute work of art.

Read this. Will u | Reviewer: Jack | 2/26/10

Hey guys : i hav read all ur fuckin thoughts. But y do u figure out wat randy means? Its just a song draws from fuckin thoughts. Philosophy aint that? So just fuckin listen it . And grawl. . . . . With it. . . wooooohhhhaaa . . Just pop off . . . Metal . Viv Va la metal. . N Long live listener. . Am an indian . . . Still can feel metal more than any one. . .

The 11th hour | Reviewer: Mikey | 6/30/09

I Just finished reading, George Orwel's "1984", and i can't help but feel that there are a lot of parallels with this song. Even the quote the 11th hour is is in the book.In it Winston, the protagonist, finds himself growing in contempt for the totalitarian regime named "Big Brother" that he is so oppressively monitored by. The whole story is about his regression from following this government, A long and miserable road which transforms him into a thought criminal and an alcoholic, As well as causing him to have extra-marital relations with a woman who he previously despised. All the while he is waiting for the thought police to come in the night and take him. To torture and kill him. I feel a great deal of similarities between this song and 1984. In the song he is anxiously awaiting death, much like the book. And death is associated with being a female. Much the same way that Winston knows that Julia will get him killed. And by the end of the book Winston turns to alcohol, and completely sedates himself with it on a daily basis. Please read this book it is incredibly well written!

My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/09

Lamb of God is by far the most talented band in metal. There intellectual lyrics combined with face fuking guitar licks and thundering drums is remarkable to me. I seen them live in edmonton twice and there live performance is 100 times better then the recoding, hard to belive but its true. METAL AS FUCK AND FUCK YOU!!!

bad ass | Reviewer: HellishViewofpain | 12/7/08

if you pay attention to the lyrics,"A liquid embrace to chase the day away" when the hell has there EVER been a LIQUID embrace in war?
this songs about drinking, obviously.
so sweetly she drawn me nigh, talking about how he cant seem to put the bottle down.
a couded judgement day is fueled.
you cant say thats about war, cuz there is too much of clouded judgement in war.
anger, and rage.

Its A Drinking Song | Reviewer: Pariah | 11/11/08

Randy Blythe Even Say's On The Live "Killedelphia" Disc, That 11th Hour Is A Drinking Song...Now, Some Of You Would Know That If You Are A Fan That Buys Their Shit, Instead Of One Album Calling Yourself A Fan, I Have All Cd's, All Dvd's (Walk With Me In Hell Is Amazing)...Now Shut The Fuck Up And Listen To The Music. Goddamnit!!!

Could this be True?! | Reviewer: Serj | 3/24/08

I've just got this album. I've listened to Sacrament and Ashes of the Wake but its amazing how i started listening to this band just coz of Chris Adler but now..as i keep listening to them..i can't help but notice..his brother-Willie, is so talented on guitar.I mean this guy is such a fucking shredding guitar player and the more i listen to him i wonder weather this guy just might be one of the best guitar players of recent times.Hourglass..Redneck..Laid to Rest and now a clear manifestation to his work-11th hour.Willie kicks ass..u gotta recognize!!

for your information | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

its not that they made anti war songs its just the lamb of god is they express themself by finding things and saything what they think is wrong with they if you read they thank you's in "Ashes of the Wake" they clearley state that they support the soilders that are over there and they think it is a bullshit war. everone is tittled to an oppinon. they arent critisizing anoyone

Music Video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

The music video seems to have a little different meaning. Sure, it features a guy drinking and smoking, but there are flashing images of war and its aftermath, and he receives a letter that he is going to be shipped off. Lamb of God made some really anti-war songs in Ashes of the Wake.

11th hour | Reviewer: ComfortablyNmb | 11/19/07

I'm pretty sure this song is about the bout that Randy had with alcoholism a few years back. Like most of you said, it's about alcohol.. not drugs as some of you have said.

But even deeper than that, it was the fight with alcohol he had when his life was going to shit.

This is a fucking drinking song. | Reviewer: brandon | 8/21/07

I've seen Lamb of God like 10 times live, and at least half of the shows I've been to they play this and Randy says "lift your glasses...this is a drinking song!!!"

11th Hour | Reviewer: James | 8/14/07

LMFAO! You really dont know what this songs about. Thats rather sad in a sence considering the fact the lyrics are plain and clear. Its about death and him not wanting it to come so he drinks to get away but still its biding his time. Cause like we most know Death never stops for anybody. :)

song meaning | Reviewer: rocker | 7/8/07

i love lamb of god this song is no exception...i just wanted to point out that its about drinking your life away and not the apocolypse like alot of sites say it is.

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