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  • Pleasure & Pain Album (3/1/2005)
    Intro (Pleasure & Pain)
    Let This Go
    What If
    U Already Know
    Last To Know
    I'm Sorry (Interlude)
    My Mistakes
    If I Hit
    The Way
    We Goin' Be Alright
    Why Can't We Get Along
    That's How Close We Are
    Closing The Club
    What The Hell Do You Want?
    God Knows

  • Hot & Wet Album (9/30/2003)
    Hot & Wet - Featuring Joe Budden
    Na Na Na Na - Featuring Super Cat
    It's Going Down Tonight - Featuring T.I.
    Give It To Me
    You Said
    Man's World
    Knock U Down (Interlude)
    Knock U Down
    All My Love
    Right Here For You
    Slip Away
    Say Yes
    To The Crib

  • Part 3 Album (3/20/2001)
    112 Intro .
    Dance With Me
    It's Over Now
    Peaches And Cream
    I Surrender (Interlude)
    Missing You
    All I Want Is You
    Don't Hate Me
    Q, Mike, Slim, Daron (Interlude)
    Sweet Love
    Caught Up
    Do What You Gotta Do
    I Think
    Still In Love

  • Room 112 Album (10/20/1998)
    Room 112 (Intro)
    So Much Love (Interlude)
    Be With You
    Love Me
    The Only One
    Anywhere (Interlude)
    Love You Like I Did
    For Awhile
    Don't Go (Interlude)
    Stay With Me
    Whatcha Gonna Do
    Crazy Over You
    Funny Feelings
    Never Mind
    Someone To Hold
    All My Love
    You Are The Only One (Interlude)
    Your Letter

  • 112 Album (5/1/1996)

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