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Aesop Rock 11:35 Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2009 11:00:00 AM

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Some cats grow by the laws of the wild
Some learn slower and lag in the mud
Some stand up in defense of a sow
Some let the big dogs eat them up
At exactly 11:35 PM on January 21st I fell asleep sound
At exactly 11:35 PM on January 21st some shit went down

[Aesop Rock]
Now Benny was a New York City graf kingpin
Five Borough fame guaranteed to itch pigskin
Raided near the Brooklyn Naval yard, juxed an undercover
When they asked him what he pled he said, "You're fuckin' up my colors!"

[Mr. Lif]
Okay, Jose's working in the slaughterhouse
Said he's living in the hood, but he wants to get his daughter out
Slipped off a ledge, and fell into a machine
Another dead immigrant, that's the American Dream

[Aesop Rock]
Miss Molly, helpless, made a penny with a data entry temp gig
Overqualified but the rent stick
Red brick bash where the text print green
Like, "I entered my data right into your screen"

[Mr. Lif]
Jane went insane, she's an anchorwoman
Sick of pushing skewed information
And abusing the nation
Had a few options:
Either jump or run, RUN,
Quit or cold raise hell, waving a gun, GUN,
Time for C-H-A-N-G-E
Held a knife to the VP on TV
She demanded that the format be expanded
Beyond fair, everybody clear, understand it?

[Aesop Rock]
Billy was a coke fiend
[Mr. Lif]
Maggie was a cop
[Aesop Rock]
For the dope he stole cream
[Mr. Lif]
She patroled the block
[Aesop Rock]
Banking off his old scheme
[Mr. Lif]
She recognized his plot
[Aesop Rock]
He thought he was home free
[Mr. Lif]
She knew that he was locked
[Aesop Rock]
Now it's off to the jail in a blue squad car
[Mr. Lif]
She pocketed the crack before they got far
[Aesop Rock]
Billy watches Maggy from behind steel bars
Like "Where the crack went?"
[Mr. Lif]
"I'ma smoke it tomorrah"

[Aesop Rock]
They call him Larry Luck
Blackjack, big spender
He was married once
Till he bet her ring finger
Seen him leaving Las Vegas
With a pick up truck, diamond
Fourty large, and beautiful wife piece
Less than what he came with
hitched to the crib found nickels in the couch
Hitched back to the casino within an hour
Said "I'm here to make a dollar out of fifteen cents"
And was immediately shot to his death over debts

[Mr. Lif]
As Colin died, his mamma cried
Then the EMS arrived
Said that he could be revived but they lied
Afterlife realized. Water from the skies
Washes pain from her eyes so her hopes could rise

[Aesop Rock]
Now, J.J. punch drunk, acts like a dumb fuck
Bum touched girls looking young enough to thumb suck
One saw the light, thought it right to rat him out
Now gets raped by Aryans in the big house (OUCH!)

[Mr. Lif]
Ted did 20 years for growing some weed
Although he used to snort coke and dabble with speed
Welcome home, homie, here's a blunt with hash
They said you know the rules, bitch, take two and pass

Some cats grow by the laws of the wild
Some learn slower and lag in the mud
Some stand up in defense of a sow
Some let the big dogs eat them up
At exactly 11:35 PM on January 21st I fell asleep sound
At exactly 11:35 PM on Januray 21st some shit went down

[Aesop Rock]
I got one,
Jack for Jill
Jill won't, Jack will
Jill didn't, then did it,
Jack Fell
No cellophane secrets be
But yeah I guess I sensed you felt bumps in the tar
No cell.
But hell, you jumped the bar so well
pardoned your partners bail and dipped.
I'm New York harbor tail
of a sail
Sorta, stuck on purpose, for da, love of birth place
But would have carried you home inside of my teeth anyday
Turns out
I wasn't cast in the Master Plan anyway.
He holds no grudge
holds his tongue.
Same one she used to hold in both smiles.
Dagger the instinctual lash out if it killed me
so you could ride off into the sun,
guilt free.
One year passed.
The tables wobbling
and you're hollering
sipping the fits
you skipped
when shit
I never missed it.
Now the long-hall
Bullshit kit's
kicked into the same shoe box
with the flips and lipstick.
I'll love you forever
'cause you know me better.
For the record
at one time would've married you in a second.
But kill the rekindling dreams
and navigate the friendship or else
by the time the stress
airs out we'll both be dead
and friendless.

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