1-800-Zombie Albums

  • Holy Shit Album (10/23/2007)
    Holy Shit
    200th Time's The Charm
    Boner Jamz Vol. 1
    Crip Walken
    Burger Party!
    Yo Shit Is Wack
    Doctor Sif
    The Long Shot
    Taco Party!
    Heart And Seoul

  • All She Got Was A Bloody Nose Album (5/10/2006)
    Intro (Super Theme)
    Posi Anthem 2K6
    I Zoo Bob Saget
    T For Teen
    Workout Plan
    Portable Videogame System
    Octopus Ink
    Mad Flow
    We Are Teh Definition Of Hip Hop
    Jolt Yr Nuts
    Girls Gone Wild!
    Intrnt Tlk
    Birthday Party Deluxe

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