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Lacuna Coil 1.19 Lyrics

Last updated: 02/01/2009 10:00:00 AM

Ray of light annoying as a cold breath in the eyes
Water falls down

Lights around are flashing
And in meat a razorblade
Water falls down

Seems to be the day
(I cannot handle this)
Listen to the music in my mind
For a while

Seems to be my hour
My shell has disappeared
Swallow whirls of dust into my mouth

But it's wonderful I know

Hiding all my fear
My nightmare is becoming real
Come on, take a look at me
I'm a loser

Hiding all my crimes and then
Forgetting all my ideas
Take a look at me
I'm a loser

I'm a loser
It's just an illusion

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One of the many LC songs that have special meaning to me | Reviewer: Darkives | 2/1/09

this definitely feels like a person losing grip with reality. someone who doesnt care about anything anymore, especially about living. that fact just makes the hate grow even stronger. but its wonderful i know is like when you try to reach out to people and they just simply dont give a shit, kind of like patronizing to them.

a person cannot cry so tears dont fall down, water falls down. everyday seems to be the day i cannot handle this. this song is about every single day in a depressed, lonely, hopeless miserable person's life, and everyday is exactly the same.