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The Aquabats Martian Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 12/15/2011 11:00:00 AM

Here's a story that must be told
It's kinda' new, not very old
About a female martian with a wild grin
Big orange eyes and green skin
Blue was her hair
She came from way up there
She wore silver underwear
Almost naked but she didn't care

Why oh, why did she come from
Planet V?
I don't know woh who who
Martian girl from Planet V
Will you marry me?
Wo wo wo wo wo
She came from outer space
She came to see
If earth was good
Wo wo wo wo
In the supermarket she got distracted
In the meat department
Wo wo wo wo wo
She's looking at me
She's looking hungry
Think she's gonna eat me!
Wo wo wo wo wo

She's not a bird
She's not a plane
She's got green blood
Pumping through her veins.
Saw a light in the sky
And then I found her
Now I'm having my own close encounter
She smiled at me as she fixed her hair
And then she kissed me
Right then and there
I started bleeding,
That's the weirdest part
'Cuz this alien's teeth were razor sharp!


Woah, Oh Baby,
What a wacky alien she was
I'll tell you why, It's just because
She had an appetite that couldn't be beat
She came from space to eat people meat
I guess I didn't taste good anyway
'Cuz when she kissed me,
she flew away!


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