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Showbread Bleeding Generation Lyrics

Last updated: 04/10/2008 11:00:00 AM

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we're all burning alive (burning alive).
no one is special anymore (no one).
your education assembly line (descending).
cap and gown, i hope you're happy.
this is not being alive, this is not life.
i dare you to open your eyes.
place one finger to my bottomless negativity,
it only gets worse from here, it only gets worse.
not a single one of you realizes you are bleeding to death,
this is your utopia: a culture geared for perpetual meaningless.
we offer ignorance and feeble mindedness,
to idols made of stone and proclaim:
"we are an entire generation of injured children".
screaming in a whisper "someone save us from ourselves."
slit wrists.
realize you are bleeding to death. realize you are bleeding.

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