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Dakota Moon 'Til We Meet Again Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2002 09:15:10 PM

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we talked for hours
trying to figure it out
running out of things to say
wish i could tell you
i was going to stay
you know it's getting late

now's the time
please don't cry
but we've got to let it go
deep inside we both know why
we'vw been through this before

i don't want to have to say goodbye
tonight..., so till we meet again
maybe another place, another time
i don't know when
but i'll think of you till then
till we meet again

i know we promised, we would never be here
that we'd never come to this
we tried so hard, as hard as we could
but somehow we just missed

so now's the time
baby, please don't cry
but we've got to let it go
deep iside, we both know why
we've been through this before

repeat chorus

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