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Big L '97 Live In London Freestyle Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2012 03:11:37 PM

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We gonn' build like construction
Real hot production
No playa hatin'
Just congratulatin'
Open your eyes
It's no surprise
Word up
Harlem World is on the rise
My phone number's anonymous
I get stacks and chickenheads can't get a dime of this
Front on me you must go
I just flow
Puff 'dro
It's all about the gusto
L lust dough
All you playa hatas stand up
Ya'll just blow
I stay freakin' off with a handcuffed ho
If niggas wanna know
Do L rock raw?
Do a pimp got whores?
Do Big L got balls?
I'm in charge of all
I just threw a party at the Taj Mahal
Cause The Mirage was small
Split heads like the Red Sea
Peep the Craig G
Chicks be on me like the feds be
And I never pay to sex, B
You can handle L? Let's see
I'm a bust in your mouth, fill up your grill like Gillespie
This chick Desti
Looks sexy in the Lex-y
Half black, half Mexi'
Complexion Nestle
Thighs gigantic
Big enough to make a guy panic
A few drinks and she go down like the Titanic

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