Perfect. | Reviewer: SG | 4/12/09

I haven't been into Bon Jovi for that long, seeing how I was born in 1994. This song is one of the first Bon Jovi songs I've ever heard, and even though I wasn't into "mellow" songs that much, this one was GOOD. I mean, GREAT.
The bestest part about it is the lyrics. The way they're written are simply perfect. The way they describe everything that happens, so accurately but so simply. The scenes just appear in your head as the song progresses cuz the words are so skilfully written that the song actually become visual. :DD
Bon Jovi woot! It's like they're never gonna grow effin old even after so many many years as a band. :)
We're so gonna make a memory of this brill song~ XD

Awesome Song! | Reviewer: Cindy | 11/16/07

I just got this cd- and I LOVE this song! I loved Bon Jovi back in the 80's and they still rock!
This song will remind everyone of someone!

You Wanna make a Memory | Reviewer: Lis | 9/24/07

O my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love this tells it all aboute the hard ships and lets us know we have to remember the good in the other, no matter how hard the time... and that sometimes we just have to let them go.

BEAUTIFUL | Reviewer: ash | 7/28/07

The song is beautiful, romantic, real, can bring back memories of a relationship good and bad. The CHORUS is sort of only sang once. Love the build up for the grand finish.

Make A Memory | Reviewer: yoyen | 7/22/07

The best song ever! I like it and its very unique! Bon Jovi, THE BEST BAND!I really love the video, its emotional, idealistic or realistic, and very beautiful.Make me want to remember the good and bad times.Just lovely!Keep on making bon jovi!

You Want To Make A Memory | Reviewer: Reillyblair | 7/5/07

Wonderful song... and video as well. Keep up the good work, Mr. JBJ...

You Want To Make A Memory | Reviewer: Reillyblair | 7/5/07

Wonderful song... and video as well. Keep it up Mr. JBJ...

AMAZING | Reviewer: Devin montague | 5/31/07

This song has made me think of the good times and i love that... This is my new favorite song

Make A Memory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

bon jovi is back again! i highly recommend this song to everyone. its really good=]

(you want to) Make a memory | Reviewer: tazh | 5/7/07

Brilliant, Brilliant I love this song, especially because it relates alot to my current situation. These guys are great!