I never get tired of the Suspended cd | Reviewer: Tina Goodall | 9/3/2005

I purchased this cd about 4 years ago because I really liked the song "Under One Sun", but once I heard the entire cd, there was'nt one song I did'nt like. One of my favorites is "Life Can't Grow". Bob Zoppi's voice is amazing and every song is like poetry and has so much to say. I have the cd in my media library on different playlists, so I usually hear at least a couple songs off it each day. I just never get tired of his sweet voice. I emailed Mr Zoppi a couple of weeks ago telling him how much I enjoyed his music and he suggested I get a cd from the group Agnes Stone, which at one time he was envolved in. I recieved it last night and listened to it immediately, it was great. Any one who enjoys Bob Zoppis' music will want to get it.

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