superstar51 | Reviewer: diyara | 6/2/14

Zendaya I hope u read my review and if u do I really want to meat u by the way come out to new jersey for one of your tours I really would like to get to know u better.

zswagger | Reviewer: mia | 11/4/13

I think u r pretty and id really like to meet u one day and i look up to u and i have ur replay album i luv the whole thing and th!!!!e pictures the u took in the lyrics book awesome!!!id love to meet u please zendaya

i wish to be like u | Reviewer: slacker t | 6/12/13

hey um I love theater and acting and I am doing just what u did when u was young acting in theaters and I love the audience and fans and famous people coming to see me and my family and I also used to go to a private school and my family love ur work and I do to we live in a condo and boathouse and a cabin and a nice mini mansion with shoufers and butlers and I love California and u actors out there trying ur hard to become a pro

Zendaya | Reviewer: Chasity Maree Jones | 6/6/13

Zendaya is a good singer and dancer.She is pretty and she can act good
She can sing,dance,prettier,and act better than Selena Gomez,
Selena Gomez is bad she copies people like Miley Cyrus,Katy Perry,
Beyonce,and Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!

I wish | Reviewer: Joseph Igwe | 4/29/13

hi am joseph Igwe from Nigeria just wanna wish u luck in everything u do i your country dont have opportunity like yours it is just filled with corruption u insipire me to do what i love just continue your work and i will try to watch because my country's power holding company switch on and off my country's light am not sure u will read this but i will leave it out there Thank You.

talented | Reviewer: kirsten | 3/11/13

i think you and bella thorne are amazing,i really look up to you guys.i did a audition and i made it,but my mom didnt have the now im crying.but when i watch shake it up or watch videos you guys make it makes me feel better.

cutegirl | Reviewer: ariyana | 1/6/13

zendaya you are my favorite person and you can be a super star I love your music. you are the best person ever. you can sing nice I Love you zendaya. I wish you can be sister for ever