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Performed by Zebrahead

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im his first fan and i know almost everything about him. | Reviewer: SuperSonic | 1/19/12

im SonicĀ“s big fan, and i know almost everything about him. i do not want to boast, but i know almost all his forms, friends and im finished the game Sonic The Hedgehog, so its importance Custom Actions , and other offensive and defensive attacks... so SEGA got fantastic idea to create Sonic... Sonic is awesome , continue the good work

dont take this the wrong way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/12

Ok, I know I'M a sonic fan, but I can't bilieve people who went crazy over sonic(amy rose does not count)and are emotional about him exsisted. Not trying to hate, but sonic is nothig compared anime. But sonic is awsome too, and the characters are also cool, but try to lengthen your horizons. P.s. amy rose is to obsesive over sonic.

sorry karla I meant to respond earlier | Reviewer: ian hurley | 12/10/11

I am sorry about the late response.But I am his biggest fan.I HAVE ALL 3 SONIC GAMES AND SONIC AND KNUCKLES!I have sonic 1,2,3,and sonic and knuckles.I also watch sonic underground and the adventures of sonic the hedgehog.I am also impressed with what you know about sonic.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

I'm sonic's one and only Amy Rose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

ha! u guys have to be kidding me every one knows whos # 1 (which is me ) & who doesnt know all that sonic facts
im so obsessed with him people nicknamed me Amy Rose.
and only i can have him! me! me! ME!!!!

Hey | Reviewer: Karla | 9/9/11

Hey guys! It's me Karla. I'm checking in as usual. Mostly to boast about being Sonic's biggest fan. It doesn't make you a geek to be obsessed with Sonic. It's a life style choice. Saying that your a geek for liking Sonic is offensive to Sonic so don't say that. And don't tell me to get a life because I have one. I have a boyfriend, friends, a family, a house, and I just so happen to be a gigantic fan of Sonic. So shut up about getting a life. I have one.

Hey! | Reviewer: Karla | 8/22/11

Hey guys. What happened? I thought we were still boasting about being the biggest fan. There's a biggest fan for everything and I just so happen to be for Sonic. I remember Sonic the hedgehog. I'm talking old school Sonic. I have it for DS. AS well as Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I love Sonic. Hm... What can I say? So anyways I might as well keep you up to date. I'm as far as calling my boyfriend Sonic and he calls me Amy. It's so cool! I'm getting tired of talking to myself. Come on! Give me some more responses! Say "Oh you're not the biggest fan." It makes me laugh. Go ahead. I love it!

And by the by... | Reviewer: Karla | 8/17/11

By the way it's not "spikes up it's memories" and it's not "spikes up it's liberty" either. They both make zero sense. It "spikes up its slippery".
The fact that it's slippery gives him a reason to "strap on his shoes". Your welcome... Any more questions?

Number 1 fan chat | Reviewer: Karla | 8/17/11

How could you say that!!! I'm the biggest fan! And by the way as much as it hurts to say I messed up when I said Sonic came out in 1994. I meant 1991 on June 23. I love Sonic. If you think your the biggest fan you don't know me. You don't know what it's like being me. It's like living with Sonic everyday of my life. Not that it would be a problem. I love Sonic and you guys can say what you want but I'm THE NUMBER 1 FAN!!! I'm obsessed I cry when I here his songs because they touch my heart so much. I have dreams about Sonic. That's how serious it is. I have dreams about him and his friends. More than one. You can make jokes but I don't care. I take that as a complement. If you asked my friends you'd probably here these words...

Sonic Genius
Coocoo over Sonic

I hear that everyday. Whatevs. I like responding to peoples opinions. It funny talking back to people who think there knowledge of Sonic surpasses mine. Keep it up!!!

his world and sonic chat | Reviewer: ian hurley | 8/8/11

hello!i am a big gamer.but one of the games i love is sonic.sonic is a blue hedghog with extream speed,spikey head,and sriped ofthe songs that goes perfectly with shadow the hedghog is "his world".silver is where the big part of my reviev comes.begging now.silver is also a hedgehog.if you go to danbosley at,you will find the game "silver the hedgehog worlds collide".i think his world goes to him too,i am not fully sure.but just because of that i am still a sonic fan.silver just has come from the future with blaze the shadow he is pure chaos.sonic shadow and silver and all the other sonic chars,made by sonic team and sega witch are found in special thanks section in the end of "sonic 3 and knuckles and sonic i think 2 player.if you do 2 player and you are good enogh ( i didnt spell right)you could play without the other player getting in your lets talk about the sonic the hedgehog seirus...there is sonic 1 sonic 2 sonic 3 sonic 4 sonic 3 and knuckles and sonic and knuckles.sonic 3 and knuckles was locked on with sonic 3 and sonic and after you finish launch base,you will go to mushroom hill,and if you have all chaos emaralds,you will see knuckles close a door.go in that door.and now you can get super emaralds and chose witch special stage you want to go in!if you dont believe me go to and send a private message to me!

I'm sorry | Reviewer: Karla | 7/22/11

I'm very sorry but I am Sonic's biggest fan. I know everything about him. He is my insperation and he is awesome. I will even join Sega because I can draw Sonic and his friends really really good. So back off people! I am crazy about Sonic and I love that crazy blue hedgehog. Guess what I know... Sonic has a brother named Manic and a sister named Sonia and Sonic's moms name is Queen Alena. Shadow is a creation made by Gerald Robotnick. You know what else...Yuji Naka is the programmer of Sonic, Sonic first came out June of 1994, his first game was Sonic the hedgehog, his favorite food is chilli dogs, Tails' real name is Miles Prower, I know all the songs and all the lyrics, His nickname is "Blue Blur" Sonic's first team was called "Freedom Fighters", he's Segas official mascot and if you don't believe me yet go somewhere and get 'cuz that makes no sense. Ask me anything about him, even email me questions if you don't believe me!

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/10

I like this song ;) in my opinion Sonic 06 music is very nice I feel embarrased to have the full soundtrack on my iPod because my friends are like OMG you weirdo with no life X) but I love this game so much ;D

Get a life! | Reviewer: Spritid the hedgehog | 5/31/10

Ok sonic fans, I know every single 1 of you LOVE to boast about sonic and play, You can't lie.
I am happy about uploads of lyrics etc but I am really annoyed about people who say there the biggest and only num. 1# Fan and all I wanna say is... Get a life! nobody can be the BIGGEST and KING of all. We have different positions but have to be equal with someone else.
People say to me "I am the biggest fan of sonic so shut up" And it is not true for E.g. Lawrence comment, Supersonic and the dragon kid. But these songs will always remain my fav:
Knight of the wind (Sonic and the black knight)
Open your heart (Sonic adventure 2)
Live and learn (Sonic adventure 2)
Sonic boom (Sonic adventure 2)
His world (Sonic the hedgehog 2006 ZEBRAHEAD)
All hail shadow (Shadow the hedgehog)
I am... (Shadow the hedgehog)

exactly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

thats exactly what i thot man like, yes there are the really intense fans(ur description mathces me Sonic 2 WOOT!)and really the gamecube ones were my fave ie dx directors cut and adventure battle 2 those were the shit! open your heart and live and learn. cant get much better than tht.

Love the song, but you guys are being idiots. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

I really do love His World. But seriously guys. This is getting ridiculous. You're a huge Sonic fan. Great. I am too. Probably the biggest one in my school (and I'm not bragging. I'm stating honest fact, which would probably explain what a geek I am. XD), but none of you guys are the biggest Sonic fans. If you want to argue over who is, then I think the biggest ones would be the hardcore retro fans, who got into Sonic and have stayed a fan since the first few games were released (Yes. I'm talking about the ORIGINAL Sonic the Hedgehog).
Not to bash this game, but it sucked compared to the older stuff. The storyline was confusing, and they're cramming in WAY too many new characters these days (bring back Mighty, dangit!). Although I do love Silver and Mephiles, Elise is worse than Princess Peach.

But w/e. I'm not writing a game review. Lol, this is meant to be a music review, which sadly, is not something I really specialize in. XD Love the song, love how I can pick out every lil' instrument, I love the lyrics (which these have some mistakes, btw), and I pretty much love everything about it.
But Live n' Learn and Open Your Heart will always remain my ultimate faves. ;D

awesome song | Reviewer: DarkSonic | 10/22/08

Awesome song this is my 3rd favorite song in the series my other ones are it doesnt matter (2nd) and Live and Learn (1st). I hate it when people say their the biggest sonic fan i think we should all just be equil sonic fans.

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