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Performed by Zebrahead

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S0NIC FOREVER | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 9/17/13


his world! | Reviewer: gof | 6/3/13

all of the songs from crush 40 and others are E.P.I.C . but dont have some of the games but i am a researcher geek for sonic and i love SONAMY! not to be rude but sally head is bigger than her anorexic body hehe!! :) lmfao

Sonic is cool | Reviewer: Madison | 5/1/13

there is no real biggest sonic fan i know that for a fact because is sent SEGA a card saying who i am and alll that other stuff i sent them pics of my new sonic charectors (or however you spell it) and i alway think and talk about sonic

bet ya dont know everything huh. | Reviewer: mephiles! | 4/1/13

dudes! info if ya no sonic the hedgehog (2006) Then YOUR STILL NOT A SONIC FAN!!! cause mabye you found that silver has a super form yea. and Shadow is more "agent" than u expected! but how bout if ya know that super emeralds exist, and that if negative thoughts go into the chaos emeralds. they are powerless! by the way if ya no all this please. mephiles sounds so freaking evil right! oh by the way one more question. YOUR NOT A SONIC FAN! now are you? o_0

You Dumbasses | Reviewer: These Nuttz | 3/19/13

The #1 fan of sonic is the genius MoFo that created him, since he knows everything about Sonic and more than likely has ALL of his products--now shut up, stop arguing, and SUCK. MY. DRAGON. BALLZ.

Nice try guys | Reviewer: Kid | 2/22/13

I heard there's this one kid, I can't remember his name but he dresses up as sonic and attends his school dressed up as sonic. In fact no one knows his real name, they just call him sonic. The teachers even allow him to run through the halls exactly like sonic. Even you have to admit that's a hardcore sonic fan

Spikes up his WHAT?! | Reviewer: R J | 2/5/13

I swaear down that it isn't: Spikes up his slippery. It just doesn't make sense. You can't spike up an adjective, a describing word is used to describe, you can't do things to an adjective.
Now, Spikes up his memories/liberty fits with the song a lot better, but it still doesn't sound like what is actually being said.
I Think what is actually being said is: "Spikes up his Livery"
Livery can mean something to do with traditional clothing. Now Sonic's only clothing is his shoes. So it makes complete sense for the song to continue and say: "Straps on his shoes" Also while listening to the song it sounds most like livery than any of the other words suggested.

Seriously, stop arguing over something so stupid as who is Sonic's biggest fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/12

Not saying that I am Sonics biggest fan but I do think that I am one of the biggest but still, come on are we five years old, stop arguing about something so stupid, we all like Sonic so just get over it and act your age.

No #1 | Reviewer: A Boss | 12/18/12

Guys, there is no such thing as a #1 fan. Just because you've played, watched, and know everything about Sonic doesn't make you better than anyone. Now I'm not hating on Sonic since I love him as much as all of you. I'm just saying that you guys shouldn't fight over something as stupid as being a number 1 fan.

much bigger fan | Reviewer: Shadow65 | 11/15/12

for your info im a much bigger fan of sonic then anybody ever was i play all the sonic games include sonic generations so all those who are talking shit about sonic SCREW ALL OF YALL!

you guys are wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/12

I am the real #1 sonic fan you guys say all this dumb junk about sonic that you could of just looked up and say that you already knew it and I'm sick of it I've beaten sonic 1 2 3 sonic CD (P.S sonic CD came out before sonic 3) sonic and knuckles watched the entire 1rst and 2nd season of sonic underground and I have it on DVD too I've played sonic adventure 1 (directors cut) sonic adventure 2 sonic and the secret rings sonic and the black knight sonic unleashed sonic colors sonic generations and I am literally dying to get the new game

his world | Reviewer: realnumber#1sonic fan | 7/29/12

its awesome but im the real number 1 fan and i can prove it i got games like sonic and sega all stars racing sonic unleashed sonic colors sonic generations and jut to prove THAT i have that game and lots more like sonic free riders i want to tell you all the bosses perfect dark gaia nega wisp robot and time eater

wrong lyrics work better on them | Reviewer: dawit | 2/28/12

it's not Don't make me spell it out,bring your best it's You can't stop now lock and load,Don't stop c'mon rock n' roll how many times is it gonna be wrong got it besides I checked on your video version so remember to check there so I don't have to remind you again and your a really good sonic fan i believe even better than me and i have like all the games from Sonic the Hedgehog1 to Sonic Generations,good job :)

song lyrics and sonic fans | Reviewer: dawit | 2/27/12

im the best sonic fan and really you guys are tuff stuff that really good info. but i have the games of classic,adventure and modern and its (spikes up and slippery)i love this song anyway its a millon times awesome and all of sonics songs.

lyrics | Reviewer: dawit | 2/27/12

sorry found more wrong lyrics its not Don't make me spell it out rock n' roll it's You can't stop now,lock and load Don't stop now C'mon,Rock n' roll. and beside good job keeping track of lyrics i love the song lyrics.

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