WHO's behind the door ?? | Reviewer: THOMAS MONTALBANO | 11/11/12

well how can i say this this song like many of there music /songs are real good timeless rock some music is good for the time it play for but when tocomes this stuff it can be played 1985 1999 or 2o16 any body with hart n soul can listen and have it bepart of ther life and have np conecting it to there lifes feelings so thats why it timeless to people :)the music hold up true the had up n down but at lease you can they made there mark in rock n roll and not forgoten thats really hard today todo think about it today in the biss your here then forgoten in a flash they made there mark in a day and still here !!!!! ((god bless to all n rock on )) FR:: THOMAS MONTALBANO / FR::BELLMORE, NEW YORK ,LONG ISLAND, 11710,USA....

Oyster Festival | Reviewer: Peggy | 10/20/11

I had the pleasure of seeing the band Zebra this past sat. night Oct. 15th at the Our Lady of Lords oyster festival and they were excellent. The band even played longer than they were supposed to but everyone was singing along and enjoying themselves. I was not disappointed in anyway shape or form! At the end of the concert I purchased a t-shirt that was signed by all the members of the band. I even got the opportunity to take a picture with Randy Jackson! The picture came out to blurry but I will never forget that night and how wonderful it was to listen to Zebra. Now I am looking to find a DVD of Zebra so that I can watch them whenever I want to. If anyone knows where I can find their DVD, please let me know. My e-mail address is theparishgirl@yahoo.com
Forever a Fan,

Long time fan | Reviewer: belinda | 7/8/10

Zebra is clearly a favorite of Louisiana and specifically New Orleans natives. I have grown up with had enjoyed a life time of seeing every show that I can get my hands on. Long live Zebra is all I can say!!!!

After All These Years | Reviewer: Tony DeSoto | 11/27/08

What coming of age teenage rock musician (as I was) growing up in New Orleans wasn't aware and in awe of New Orleans' very own superband, Zebra? Fast forward 20 years after children, transfers all over the south, and career advancements. I'm home visiting my parents this Thanksgiving of 2008. As I drove from Houston, I knew one thing: I wanted to pick up a greatest hits CD (if one existed) of Zebra's music. I had been out of touch with their music for the past 20 odd years. I stepped into FYE in the Esplanade Mall and told the salesboy half my age what I wanted. He smiled and said, "Dude, you're not gonna believe this, but we got a shipment of Zebra CDs this afternoon!" From the back counter, not even shelved yet, he grabs and places before me four Zebra CDs. (One is their second and third releases on one disc.) I stood in awe at what was before me...all five of Zebra's major recordings. What else could I do but buy all of them. So I'm driving around the Crescent City blasting Zebra music and taken back to my teenage years when life was both simple and confusing. I thought about how far I've come. I reflected on the renewed comfort I felt while listening to the passionate, hard hitting, exciting music of three young men who loved life and music equally, the way I did. I forgot how extraordinary their music was, and still is! Thank you, Zebra. God bless you for having provided a soundtrack to our lives. May you keep on keeping on!

Very Good Band!!! | Reviewer: Dolores | 10/9/07

Thoroughly enjoyed Zebra when they performed at the Gretna Heritage Festival in Gretna, Louisiana. Keep up the good music!!!

Good Band | Reviewer: Dolores | 10/9/07

I just heard Zebra perform at the Gretna Heritage Festival in Gretna, Louisiana and they sounded great. My kids (now 37 & 41) have always enjoyed listening to them and I enjoy them too. Keep up the good work Zebra! You're GREAT!!

Zebra still an incredible act decades later on | Reviewer: Brian | 9/19/06

I was surprise to learn some three years back that Zebra had never disbanded after losing their recording deal at the close of the 80's I was also delighted to learn they had not become a grunge act nor in anyway compromised their signature sound. Rather, they continued to deliver their amazing music locally in the places they are most loved. (Primarily New York and Louisiana.)

When I first heard Zebra in 1983, my first reaction was that here was a band that incorporates all the musical elements I love most: Very dynamic playing, lush and orchestral use of synths, great lyrics, kick ass powerriffs and melodic variation. Also, they pull the whole thing off as a trio live with never a backup musician in site. (aside from the sax playing Chili Willie once in a while.) Over twenty years later, I still feel that way when I hear them. As a live act, they can still hold their own with any of the best bands I've seen headline stadiums. Shortly they will release A DVD that, from previews, appears to convey very well the raw excitment and energy of a Zebra show.

Randy, Felix, Guy... Keep rockin'! Maybe the majority of the music world didn't get it, but for those of us that do, your music is as vital and inspiring as it ever was.