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Performed by Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society

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be nice | Reviewer: andy grey | 2/19/11

pantera nd bls run through my blood.. I always wanted to listen to a band that blends a bit of grunge and thrash and that grooves., black label society.. Zakk and Dimebag have inspired me alot and not to forget Steve Vai Joe Satriani and Yngwie.. Kirk Hammett is good but his tone is really nothing to look for.. Any ways rust in peace in peices..

S.D.M.F. | Reviewer: Blacklabeled4ever. | 12/4/07

This band is the purest heavy metal band ever. It's the best band ever. And it will be. S.D.M.F. forever. Keep bleeding black label.

Rust | Reviewer: Jessie | 8/5/07

a mezmeric sway of emotion poured over this 6 min 8 sec song. With hypnotizing vocals and whinning guitar it has metal written over it. This song shows metal doesnt have to be upbeat tharshing screaming 24/7 you can be hardcore with a soft tone.

Black Label Society | Reviewer: doom crew berseker | 6/30/07

Yeah, BLS is one and only best band .7 perfect albums, pure heavy metal. Keep Bleeding Black Label til' the day you die. S.D.M.F. Beyond forever.

Tis great | Reviewer: josh | 5/4/07

you can deffinately hear dimes inffluence in it.smooth almost ballody with his hint of groove metal. Black label society, its a good thing

Zakk Wylde Is My Idol | Reviewer: David | 2/17/07

Rust Is A Fucking Smooth Jam With A Moody Kick And A Fucking Awesome Guitar Solo Too, Its Songs Like This That That Just Get To You In Your Mind, I Will Bleed Black Label Forever, Zakk Your An Inspiration To Me & Thousands Maybe Even Millions Of Others... Keep Fucking Jammin Man Enough Said...

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