calling | Reviewer: martin | 4/9/14

Zahara is a songbird par excellence,and the song destiny is so deep and profound. i can actually connect with it, its like God sent her and the message has reached the faithfuls telling us to never give up despite of the trails and tribulations that life may throw at us.

wonderful | Reviewer: Natasha | 3/1/14

Eish I don wha to say....this song gives me courage and hope for my future haa I won't give up till I reach my destiny,I know this road of life is full of dissapointments bt I won't give anymore FOWARD EVER BACKWAR NEVER!!! I love u Zahara may God continuasly bless u DON'T GIVE UP,KEEP IT UP. Natasha Vimbai D from Zimbwe loves u ZAHARA

destiny_zahara | Reviewer: Esther_Ndinelago | 12/14/13

Iys an incredibly amazing song, it gives me alot of courage, it lifts me up wen am down, in it i find peace and a reason to stil go with life despite its many challenges..
#love ZAHARA!!!

fan of zahara | Reviewer: tano koffi modeste | 12/4/13

some received the gold coming directly from GOD and ignored what to do to be a good user of this precious gifts. Between those who have taken a move to improve their gift zahara is a person to great greatly. May God bless her and help her to go forward and have an everlast lake of inspiration. Momo...

Awesome | Reviewer: Mainza | 10/9/13

this song couldnt come at a better time than this in my life. so Timely!"Winning, loosing doesn't matter I will keep on trying
I won't give up"
Only God knows how long it will take for me to reach my destiny.
this makes me face anything coz indeed i know where am going.
Zahara keep it up Zahara! Thumbs UP!

splendid | Reviewer: awowole gbenga | 9/11/13

I'm a nigerian,but I'm in love with zahara song and a friend from SA send this song to me,I really love it,it gives me courage,it gives me hope,it gives me future,but I won't just leave my dream pass me by,SA people help me say a louder amen..............Zahara made me love SA I love mandela I love South African......

good | Reviewer: monica yvette dhondo | 5/15/13

Its a nice really encourages me so much on holding to my dreams...even wen things get hard I will keep on gives me this confidence that I don't even understand.....

on my soul | Reviewer: sally mwale | 8/20/12

I heard this song in my sleep early morning... someone was playing it. I never knew the artist or the time so it wasn't easy to get it ni matter how hard I tried..

Thanks I found it today sooooooo sweet song